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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Staff List 2018/19

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher

Mr Michael Kiely BEd Hons MA NPQH


Ms J Quigley BA Hons PGCE NPQH - Senior Deputy Head Teacher - Head of Achievement & Standards

Mr G Wilkinson BA Hons PGCE NPQH MBA - Director of School Operations

Mr P Walton BA Hons QTS - Director of Inclusion

Ms R Baker BA Hons PGCE NPQH - Director of Curriculum 

Ms L Glampson - Associate Assistant Head Teacher - Pupil Care and Behaviour

Ms J Griffiths BA Hons PGCE MA - Senior Assistant Head Teacher - Head of Teaching and Learning

Mr A Hickman BSc Hons QTS - Director of Sixth Form

Mrs A McLoughlin MA Education BA/BSc Hons PGCE NPQSL - Assistant Head Teacher - Head of Pupil Care & Behaviour  / Head of Catholic Life of the School

Ms C Murphy BSc Hons MA PGCE - Assistant Head Teacher - Head of Achievement & Standards KS3

Mr G Rewt - Associate Assistant Head Teacher - Curriculum and Progress KS4


Pastoral Teams

Year 7

Head of Year - Miss R Coughlan PME (Professional Masters in Education)

Year 8

Head of Year - Ms E Ray

Year 9

Head of Year - Mr J Kalinowski  BSc Hons MSc QTS

Deputy Head of Years 7, 8 and 9 – Mr A Lyons-Negus

Year 10

Head of Year - Mrs E Lockyer BA Hons PGCE

Deputy Head of Year -  Mr K Connolly

Year 11

Head of Year - Mr L Johnson BSc Hons QTS

Deputy Head of Year - Ms J Harrington

Inclusion Support

Mrs C Barry HLTA - Inclusion Support Officer


Sixth Form

Director of Sixth Form- Mr A Hickman BSc Hons QTS

Head of Year 12 - Mr M Brown BA Hons QTS

Head of Year 13 - Mr C Thomas BSc Hons PGCE

Sixth Form Support Team

     Post 16 Academic Support Assistant - Mrs L Milligan

     Sixth Form Administrator - Mrs K Durkin

     UCAS and Enrichment Advisor  - Mrs M Sowa


Subject Areas

Business Studies, Economics and ICT

Ms N Tauh BSc Hons PGCE – Curriculum Coordinator

Mrs K Gibson BSc Hons PGCE – Teacher in Charge of ICT and Computer Science

Ms M Lewis MA BA Hons PGCE - Teacher in Charge of Business Studies

Ms S Patel BSc Hons PGCE - Disadvantaged Pupils Manager

Miss J Stephan BSc Hons PGCE


Design & Technology

Mr Paul Foote BSc Hons PGCE FRSA - Curriculum Coordinator

Mr B Alcantara BA Hons PGCE - Teacher in Charge of Graphics

Mrs K Klymchuk Bsc Hons PGCE - Teacher in Charge of Textiles 

Mrs T O’Connor BA Hons PGCE - Teacher in Charge of Resistant Materials 

Ms K Obikoya MA BSc Hons PGCE - Teacher in Charge of Food Technology

Mrs J Parks BA (Hons) PGCE - Head of Hospitality

DT Technician - Mr T Hickey 

Food/Textiles Technician - Mrs C Kearney 



Mrs B Kelly BA Hons PGCE – Curriculum Coordinator

Miss L Abfalter BA PGDT QTS

Ms D Brady

Miss R Coughlan  PME (Professional Masters in Education)

Mr D Dowdle - SEN Manager in English

Miss R Farrow BA Hons PGCE - Highest Able Manager

Mr J Gaca

Miss L Hardy BA Hons PGCE - Key Stage 3 Manager – English

Mrs M Harper BA Hons QTS - KS4 Manager - English

Mrs K Milosevic BA Hons PGCE – Literacy Co-ordinator 

Mrs S Noone BA Hons PGCE

Mrs A Mayes BA Hons PGCE

Miss S Mirza BA Hons PGCE - KS5 Manager of English Language

Ms A Murphy BA Hons MA PGCE - KS5 Manager of English Literature

Mr J Stoddart BA Hons PGCE - 

Mr M Wing

Ms M Zywiecka BA Hons PGCE


Expressive Arts

Ms K Craig MA (R.C.A) BA Hons QTS – Curriculum Coordinator and Head of Art


        Ms K Craig MA (R.C.A) BA Hons QTS

        Mrs A England BA Hons QTS

        Mrs M Theophilou BA Hons PGCE - Key Stage 3 Manager


        Ms C Eccleshall BA Hons PGCE - Head of Drama (Maternity Leave)

        Miss N Franco Ba Hons PGCE 

        Ms J Giffiths

Media Studies

        Mr C Bruce BA Hons PGCE AST – Teacher in Charge of Media Studies 

        Mr S Norton-Taylor BA Hons PGCE


       Miss A Welbourn BMus (Hons) PGCE – Teacher in Charge of Music


        Ms R Baker BA Hons PGCE NPQH

        Mrs A England BA Hons QTS - Teacher in Charge - Photography

Expressive Arts Technician - Mr B. Lewis 



Ms E Chambers – Curriculum Coordinator

Ms T Ali 

Mr J Anderson BSc Hons PGCE - Key Stage 4 Manager in Maths

Mrs L Brown BSc Hons PGCE NPSLBA

Mr J Calliste BEd QTS

Mr J Chandler BSc Hons, Cert Ed., QTS

Mrs G Devaney - Mathematics HLTA

Ms J Harrington BSc Hons PGCE 

Miss S Inpanathan BSc PGCE

MR M Foy

Mr V Knight CertEd; BA; M.ED; AST Lead Practitioner

Mr A Lamrani MEng PGCE

Ms A Mendes BSc Hons PGCE – Numeracy Manager

Mr C Lonergan BA Hons PGCE - SEN Manager in Maths 

Mrs C Mwendwa BSc Eng Hons PGCE Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator - Maths (2nd in Charge - Maths)

Ms K O'Connor BSc Hons MA PGCE – Key Stage 5 Manager in Mathematics

Mr Walsgott


Modern Foreign Languages

Miss C McGovern BA Hons PGCE – Curriculum Coordinator and Head of Spanish

Ms S Dempsey BEd Hons - Head of French

Mr D Roberts BA Hons PGCE – Key Stage 3 Manager in MFL

Mr I Castro BA Hons PGCE

Ms C Murphy BSc Hons MA PGCE - Assistant Head Teacher (Head of Achievement and Standards)

Miss S De La Torre Sanchez

Miss D Barambas BA Hons PGCE


PSHE and Progression Pathways

Ms S Chopra BSc Hons MSc PGCE - PSHE and Progression Pathways Manager


Physical Education

Mr Price BSc Hons QTS – Acting Curriculum Coordinator

Mr J Coughlan (BAITE Secondary PE)

Mr M Brown BA Hons QTS

Ms K Jones BA (Hons) QTS - Second in Charge: Physical Education

Mr A Hickman BSc Hons QTS

Mrs A McLoughlin MA Education BA/BSc Hons PGCE NPQSL

Mr J Kalinowski  BSc Hons MSc QTS

Mr P Walton BA Hons QTS


Religious Education

Mrs K Butler BA Hons PGCE - Curriculum Co-ordinator

Miss J Ahern BA Hons PGCE - Key Stage 4 Manager and Head of Catholic Life of the School

Mr H Barber BA Hons PGCE

Miss L Curran BA Hons PGCE – Whole School Teaching and Learning Support Co-ordinator

Miss L Glampson BA Hons PGCE - Associate Assistant Head Teacher - Pupil Care and Behaviour

Mrs E Lockyer BA Hons PGCE - Head of Year 10

Miss R Walshe BA Hons QTS

Mr A Watkins MA Hons PGCE - Key Stage 3 Manager

Mr C Ryan BA Hons QTS



Miss R Martin MPhys Hons PGCE –Curriculum Coordinator


        Miss C Benson BSc Hons PGCE

        Miss R Ratcliffe BSc Hons PGCE – Key Stage 5 Manager of Biology

        Miss E Ray - BSc Hons PGCE

        Mr B Walpole


       Mr G Rewt BSc Hons PGCE

       Miss S Chopra BSc Hons PGCE - Progression Pathways Manager

       Ms A Ul-Haq BSc Hons PGCE – Key Stage 3 and Inclusion Manager for Science

       Ms E Kielan MChem Hons PGCE - Key Stage 5 Manager of Chemistry


       Mr J Hirst BSc Hons QT

       Mr M Cunningham MSci Hons PGCE - Key Stage Manager 5 - Physics

Mr S Gohil

Mr D Mutton

Mr A Turner

Ms N Dore

Ms S Kelly

Mr R Parke


Social Studies

Ms S Haughey BA Hons - Curriculum Coordinator


        Miss H Mahoney BA Hons PGCE – Head of History

        Mr J Bell - Key Stage 3 Manager in Social Studies

        Ms J Costa

        Ms S Haughey BA Hons

        Mr J Shelley BA Hons PGCE

        Mr C Thomas BSc Hons PGCE

        Mr G Wilkinson BA Hons PGCE NPQH MBA


       Mr J Bavington BA Hons PGCE – Head of Geography

       Mr K Connolly BSc Hons PGCE

       Ms E Jelly

       Ms J Quigley BA Hons PGCE NPQH

       Ms L Widdowson BA (Hons)

       Mr A Jobe -Bach Ed

       Mr S Mulvaney


       Ms E Gorlej BA Hons PGCE - Teacher in Charge of Law


       Mr C Thomas BSc Hons PGCE – Principal Teacher in Government and Politics


      Mr R Allard BSc Hons MAEd PGCE MBPsS - Teacher in Charge of Psychology

      Mr J Mullaney


Learner Support Team


Mrs N Gray BA Hons MBA PGCE PGC (Special and Inclusive Education)

Deputy SENCo

Mrs D Murray BA Hons, MA QTS PGC in Special Education Needs Co-ordination


     Mr L Johnson BSc Hons QTS

     Mrs M McCloskey BA Hons PGCE

     Ms N Dalton BA Hons MA MSc PGCE

Senior Teaching Assistants

     Mrs S Burnett

     Ms N Doyle

     Ms G Wilmot

Teaching Assistants

     Ms S Devine

     Ms E Haynes

     Mr R Lucia BA Hons

     Mrs G Raychaudhuri

Learner Support Administrators

     Mrs C Walker

     Ms E Nash-Browne BA Hons in Criminal Justice

Link Co-ordinator

     Mrs M Keating - Link Coordinator, HLTA and SLBA


Academic Support Staff

Library Team

     Librarian - Ms M MacInnes

     Assistant Librarian - Mrs M Keating HLTA and SLBA


Support Staff

Administrative Support

     Attendance Administrator - Mrs L Clarke

     Attendance Administrator – Ms K McGee

     Administration Officer - Ms T Connell

     Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing Administrator - Mrs C Plant

     Examinations Officer - Ms S Kang BSc Hons

     E- Learning/ Frog Officer - Ms N Higgins

     School Data Officer - Mrs C Magin

     School Receptionist - Mrs J Fulla

     Curriculum Data and Assessment Manager- Mr I Khan

Finance Team

     Finance Manager - Mrs K Brown

     Finance Officer - Mrs R Smith CSBM TEFL – Clerk to the Governors

Absence Manager - Ms F McCarthy

     Cover Supervisor - Mrs D Nimmo

Caretaking Staff

     Site and Facilities Manager – Mr L. Bacosse BSc Hons IOSH

     Deputy Site Managers - Mr A Brathwaite and Mr E Hurley

     Caretakers - Mr T Mortimer and Mr P Fatnowna

Chaplaincy Team

     Chaplain - Ms M James

Head Teacher’s Personal Assistant - Mrs S Cunningham

IT Support

     Network Manager: Mr P Cox
     IT Technician:  Mr E Kakho
     IT Technician: Mr A Muhanthan

Medical and Welfare - Ms M Hughes

Media Resources Officer - Mrs K Ferguson

ParentPay Co-Ordinator - Mrs J Parks BA Hons PGCE Healthy Schools Coordinator

Science Technicians

     Ms T Bardasheva - Senior Technician

     Mrs K Reilly

     Mrs A Rafferty

     Ms K Elliott

School Meals

     Mr D Parks 

     Mrs J Sylvester

Catering Assistants

Mrs J White
Mrs M Ajula
Mrs K Sahota
Mrs H Mistry
Mrs J Givane
Ms M McNally
Mrs M Robinson
Ms C Carty

Mr A Akinyemi

Midday Supervisor

Ms I Maloza

Cleaning Staff

Mrs A Ventour
Mrs A Dicrosta
Ms M Gavaghan
Ms P Gurung
Ms M Haile Tekle
Ms E Kimpton
Mrs I Mitridate
Mrs M Neacy
Mrs G O'Gorman
Ms Y Pierre
Mr H Rai
Mr A Ravillo
Mrs M Rispin
Mrs M Smith
Ms S Bhandari

Ms J Tilbury