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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Fantastical Adventures

Students delve into thero own imaginations and creativity













Where better for a fantastical adventure than Harry Potter World?

Click the picture to see the photographs.

17th July













Performance Storyteller, Ben Haggarty, had the room entranced today!

Ben Haggarty split the group into two and told each half a different story. They then came together as a group, split into pairs and retold each other the stories that Ben had told them. Turned out that they were brilliant story tellers!

16th July

Introducing the Fantastical Adventures group Kev Sutherland style (click the links below):

Kev Sutherland, writer and artist for the Beano led today's workshop

15th July













Joe Craig, performer, musician and author came in for a workshop with the students

14th July

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