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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

No more Gulls





No More Gulls

Most would describe seagulls as a “disgusting pest” or “annoying rodent” so many high schools, colleges, universities, public areas and more around the UK have looked towards hawks as the answer.

Binky is a five-year-old female Harris hawk that is use in our school to help our annoying bird problem. She has been here for the past few months with her falconer, Lawrence. They have been working hard to prevent the seagulls from nesting in our school, spreading disease and even being aggressive to students.


Our school has been affected by the seagulls for many years because of the litter student leave on the playground and the local dump that is right next door. Therefore, many people are hiding under umbrellas and running away as not to get disturbed.


Watch the video to find out more information about Binky and what she’s doing to help our school.