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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Non Uniform Day - Burkina Faso Appeal

A member of our teaching staff has recently spent time in West Africa as part of a volunteering project to build a classroom for children who previously had no access to education.


In February half term ; I travelled to Burkina Faso in West Africa as part of a volunteering project with a Church group from Kent. A couple of years ago ; the same group fundraised and built 2 class rooms in a new primary school for children who previously had no access to an education. Most of the families involved had not been to school and so this was a major privilege for their children. The value of an education was so powerful to everyone involved.

The aim of this recent project was to build the 3rd class room for a 3rd class of students to begin studying in September 2017. Each class currently has 55 students and the waiting list is enormous. The students were immaculately dressed in their school uniform. We taught them in the afternoon and arranged a holiday club for them. Their reaction was wonderful. They were thrilled to have visitors to their school site. Their focus and concentration were incredible. They spent so much time at break and lunch preparing in advance for their lessons. They did all of this in extremely hot conditions ; always with a smile on their faces.

I learnt so much from taking part in this project. I was able to see just how fortunate everything is here in London in comparison to the situation for the children in Burkina Faso. I quickly realised that when I feel that I have a problem ; it really is just a minor inconvenience. I will always have 3 meals a day ; clean water to drink and a bed in which to sleep. These are not always in place for the children and families that I met in Burkina Faso.

Some of our Year 7 students have written letters in French to the Year 6 class in Burkina Faso. We also filled a suitcase with items for the families. Both classes in Burkina Faso currently in operation are sponsored by primary schools in Kent. At Cardinal Wiseman ; we are going to sponsor the 3rd class for the 1st year from September 2017. In order to do so ; we are organising a non uniform day on the last day of this term ; Friday March 31st. The charge will be £1.00 per student. Sixth Formers will do so on Thursday March 30th. Every penny raised will go towards this sponsorship and will help to make a positive difference to the children in Burkina Faso. An education will give them hope and independence. Thank you in advance for your collective support with this exciting new initiative.

Mr Bird-Head of French