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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Year 13 Chemistry

Year 13 chemistry students will have an important Pre-Public Exam on Monday 19th February.

The exam will cover all topics in the Chemistry course so far. It will be 90 minutes long and there will be one exam paper.

Please note that all pupils have access to the following resources, which I would strongly encourage them to utilise:


All A level Chemistry resources in Frog can be found in Frog Resources then selecting the Science folder followed by Year 13, then Chemistry. Past paper question packs can be found here for students to use as an important component of their revision to help with exam technique and testing their knowledge. All Frog resources are collected in folders according to topic.  Frog has a number of resources such as power points that explain each topic and include mini quizzes for students to check their understanding.

Students have access to the website Best Choice, where they should be completing work every week. Each student has been given their own username and password which will be recorded in their diary and the website can be accessed at They may wish to complete extra questions for further revision at home.

Text books have been given to each student which they will be using to complete homework and aid their revision, and regularly practice exam questions.

This test will be an important indication to the Chemistry Department of progress and needs to be attempted with maximum effort.

If you have any queries please contact me on 0208 575 8222 (Ext 437)

Mrs E Kielan

KS5 Manager for Chemistry