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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

World Book Day

To mark World Book Day some Year 9 Students have reviewed books

The book: The Green Mile written by Stephen King explores the Mississippi death row, an interesting criminal and an officer.

There was a recent murder case of the Detrick twin girls bringing in a new inmate to death row-John Coffey (an oddly friendly man despite is overwhelming height and mass.) Beyond his simple, naive nature and a deathly fear of the dark, Coffey seemed to possess a prodigious, supernatural gift. Paul began to question whether Coffey was truly guilty of murdering the two girls as he possessed no character of a murderer rather an angel.

Through the book we see other death row inmates as well as other officers and explore how Coffey’s stay at E-block has affected everyone. The more his officers get to know this gentle giant, the more they're convinced of his innocence. John soon displays a miraculous gift of healing, creating internal conflict for the men who must oversee his execution.

I give this a 5/5

This is an amazing book

By Deborah Alabi

'All the bright places' by Jennifer Niven


It is a story about Violet Markey- a popular girl who survived a terrible accident which her older sister didn't, this changed her perception of life a lot- and Theodor Finch- a boy who is fascinated by death and is constantly thinking of ways to die. This isn't a classic romance story; they meet at the top of a bell tower where Theodor stops Violet from attempting suicide. The way in which the author portrays the story from both Violet's and Finch's point of view makes us feel much more connected to the characters and what they feel. The two later start a project where they must find all the fascinating places in their state (honestly, I found the beginning a bit boring but it got much better later on). Their journeys to unusual places draw them closer to each other until they stop talking and Theodor goes missing. After I read the book I promised myself never to read it again as, by the end, I felt way more emotional than I should have.

By Claudia Kwiatkowska

 Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian

Goodnight Mister Tom is a book based round the lives of evacuee William ‘Willie’ beech and countryman Tom Oakley during World War 2. Tom and Willie share the common trait of being an outsider of their communities. Willie’s estranged, God devoted mother’s mistreatment of him lead to him being bullied at school. Unlike Willie, Tom is an outsider by choice. Tom has distanced himself from the people of Little Weir world since his wife died many years before the events of the book. 

Tom and Willie’s first meeting has a sense of an ambiguous nostalgia; Magorian brings the reader back to their first day of school, the reader feels nervous and homesick yet a future of happiness and new emotions is ahead. Tom is seen as a grumpy old man and Willie a strange little boy. As the book goes on their relationship develops into one of true friendship and love between the two characters, which Magorian portrays exceptionally.

Magorian covers sensitive topics such as abuse, suicide and death and manages to show the character development of Tom and Willie. She depicts the shift in atmosphere from happy to sad amazingly, and how the characters cope with the shift is very realistic and emotionally conveying. For me personally, the death of Zach was extremely sorrowful and I felt the grief through the characters. However, the most enlightening moment of the book was Willies realisation that Zach lives on inside him. For such young boy having been through so much pain, change and death already, Willie grew significantly as a character, as did the audience.

 Charlotte Baxter

7 Days by Eve Ainsworth               

The main characters in this book are Jess and Kez. The book is written from the perspective of both girls. Kez is popular, beautiful and a bully. Jess, on the other hand, is overweight, unpopular and a victim. Then, Jess finally discovers someone who will stick up for her, Lyn. The only problem is that he’s Kez’s boyfriend. This book is set over seven days. You see the home lives and the contrasting school lives of both characters. It is astonishing to see the similarities in their home lives. The main theme is the bullying which makes it very relatable for teenagers. However, this book reflects on the bully’s perspective and their life. Bullying is so common, but the reasons are always different. This book is unique in its approach to bullying. The change of perspective is very though-provoking and interesting. The book does not take long to get going and is quite short. However, the ending is very far from disappointing. I love this book and highly recommend it. I started reading and could not stop myself. The only disappointing thing is that I have finished it.

Catherine Kerr