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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Music Lessons

We have a range of music lessons on offer at The Cardinal Wiseman School. 

I am pleased to inform you about the range of music lessons on offer at The Cardinal Wiseman School. From September we have a new arrangement for our peripatetic teachers at Cardinal Wiseman which we believe will provide excellent value for money and some exciting new teaching and extra curricular opportunities.

Research has shown that there are many educational benefits to learning a musical instrument and I hope that you will consider this opportunity for your child. We have many instruments in the department that we may be able to lend to your child. We currently offer tuition for the following instruments:


Bass Guitar









French Horn




Double Bass






Once your child starts lessons, they must continue for the 10 week block and no refunds can be made if you decide to stop half way through. If your child does not want to continue lessons, half a terms notice must be given in writing to Miss Welbourn. Unless told otherwise, the lessons will continue each term. All lessons are taught by specialist visiting teachers and students have the option to take graded music exams if they wish.

Theory lessons can be provided as a ‘one off’ in preparation for graded exams or as an extra support to GCSE/Music tuition. These will be at the same cost as instrumental lessons however they do not have to continue for the 10 week block.

All lessons take place during the school day and students will receive either 20 minute or 30 minutes of tuition per week for 10 weeks each term. There will also be the option for a 30 min group lesson. This is only available for KS3 (yr7-9) students.

The charge will be £32hr for the academic year of 18/19. Lessons are paid for termly via Parent Pay and must be paid 2 weeks before starting the lessons.

10x20min = £107

10x30min = £160

In April 2011 the government introduced additional funding to schools known as the Pupil Premium. If your child was registered for free school meals at any point over the past six years, or is a looked after child you can qualify for a subsidy towards the cost of the lessons. If your child is not eligible for the Pupil Premium funding the school also has a ‘necessitous fund’ for those families who are currently facing financial hardship. Support from this fund can be applied for by letter to the Headteacher.

We are very pleased to have the opportunity to offer music lessons here at Cardinal Wiseman as it is a fantastic opportunity for young students to develop their musical skills. If you would like your child to receive instrument tuition, please complete and return the reply slip to Miss Welbourn in B6 either by email or in person by July 19th. Lessons cannot start until the form has been filled in.

If you have any issues or questions regarding instrumental lessons for your child then please do not hesitate to contact Miss Welbourn on

Alexandra Welbourn    

Head of Music