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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Year 13 Biology

Year 13 Biology students will have an important Assessment on Friday March 15th 2019

It will cover all A2 topics in the Biology course so far (Chapters 11-20).

Please note that all pupils have access to the following resources, which I would strongly encourage them to utilise:


5-Part Revision Resources students have been provided with printed 5-Part Revision Resources designed to build their knowledge and exam technique. Students are encouraged to follow the revision timeline to aid in revision for the upcoming exam.

Students have access to and have been working through CGP revision workbooks and should use it as a revision tool to practise questions in timed conditions. In addition, students have access to Past Exam Questions and Exampro packs for the following topics on FROG.

Text books are available for students to be use for homework and aid in their revision, and regularly practice exam questions. Students have access to the online version of the textbook which has more supporting resources as well. The website can be accessed at If pupils are unable to access they should to speak to their class teachers or myself.

This test will be another opportunity for students to be tested in exam conditions and be given feedback from their teachers. It will also be an important indication to the Biology Department of student progress and needs to be attempted with maximum effort.

We would like to remind pupils that they are expected to be working for a minimum of 1 hour a day on Biology outside of lessons; this will include set homework, but should also include their own independent study. We expect pupils to work towards becoming independent learners in preparation for further education, but are always available for support and guidance in how to work towards this.

Miss. Dore

Acting KS5 Manager for Biology