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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Summer Early Closure

School will finish one hour earlier between 24th – 28th June,

Dear Parents
I am writing to you in relation to the internal examination period during this half term, following public GCSE and Advanced Level examinations.

These key end of year assessments involve a huge amount of marking and then moderation between teachers, to ensure that teachers have marked the papers consistently across our large year groups. In addition, teachers will be completing end of year reports, based to some extent around those end of year assessments. The workload around this is significantly beyond that of previous years, and I believe that I must acknowledge this to ensure that associated deadlines are met.

As a consequence during the final internal examination week, 24th – 28th June, I will be ending the school day one hour earlier, to provide some additional marking time for classroom teachers. Whilst most students will leave school following Period 4, those students taking examinations will stay to complete them before leaving.

Colleagues here go beyond their job descriptions throughout the year, particularly in the preparation of students for public examinations. Allowing them to finish an hour early in no way compensates for the amount of time that will be spent marking examinations and completing reports.
As you know from the lack of “snow days” in recent years, I am extremely reluctant to cut down students’ learning time. However, it will signal recognition of the above and provide some support to classroom teachers during a hectic few weeks.

Should these arrangements cause inconvenience to any families, I will be happy to provide a supervised area where your daughter/son can work independently.
Mr M Kiely