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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Covid-19 - Update of School Provision

Further to our latest update to families, following the Prime Minister’s press conference yesterday, we have adjusted our provision accordingly.

Mr Walton texted parents with the latest guidance this morning.  I met with senior staff this morning to discuss the consequences of this; one obvious concern is that as school staff need to self-isolate, we will not have sufficient teachers to operate in the way we would wish.  The response to Covid-19 is fast moving and the adjustments set out below may well change tomorrow.

There will undoubtedly be some disruption to learning in the coming weeks, but at this point we have agreed upon a four stage plan:

  • Stage 1  -  Subject teams deploy each day, with priority given to examination classes.  We will attempt to secure additional supply staff to cover all classes.
  • Stage 2  -  As teacher absence increases and supply staff are fully utilised, we would send classes to the Sports Hall for supervised study.
  • Stage 3  - Partial closure – should we run out of teaching/supervision capacity, some classes or a particular year group would stay off school for home learning.
  • Stage 4  - School closure.

I would ask parents to ensure that their child has a reading book, as part of their school equipment in the next few weeks.

In the event of the school closing, we have set up a comprehensive home learning structure, details of which (if required) will be in a further communication.  We simply do not have the teaching capacity to offer personalised learning programmes to those students who are currently self-isolating.  Over the next week, those students will need to access the Frog Learning Platform and download the work/revision material from different subject areas.

I will adjust our provision as creatively as possible in the coming days to ensure that our students are not disadvantaged.  I am particularly grateful for the support from families and students in such challenging circumstances.

Mr M Kiely