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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Year 11 and Year 13

Apologies for the brevity of the earlier communication informing you that Year 13 and 11 students would be finishing school today. 

The truth is that apart from coursework completion there is no need for them to be here to prepare for examinations that will not take place.

Both year groups had worked incredibly hard to position themselves well for final examinations. There is no doubt that outcomes would have been outstanding. This should be reflected in their accreditation if as Mr Johnson promised, they are given the qualifications that they deserve.

We will of course ensure that none of our students is disadvantaged by these events. In addition, we will contact families as and when the details around accreditation become clear. Please support us in ensuring that if your son or daughter is completing coursework and that it is done to a high standard. It is quite possible that this work will be sampled to support predicted grades given by teachers.
It was very sad this morning, saying goodbye to our Year 13 and 11 students. Our planning up to the middle of this week assumed that they would be the last students to leave. We are indeed in challenging times.

By next week we should have full details of how students will be accredited. We will contact you again at that point, along with contact details of staff who will be in a position to answer any queries and hopefully allay any fears. 

Thank you for your support. If at all possible during the summer, we will gather the students together for a social gathering to say a proper farewell.

Mr M Kiely