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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Covid-19 and Home Learning

I am writing following the announcement of school closure from Monday 23rd March.

It is essential that the school and families work in partnership to ensure that students do not miss important learning opportunities.

In planning for closure of the school both staff and students have been given comprehensive guidance on how work will be set and accessed online through the FROG platform.

Setting of work:

Teachers will set work for each timetabled lesson through FROG. Work will be set by subjects either daily or set out for a particular week. Work for the second week will be released at the start of that week, to avoid students feeling overwhelmed or overloaded.

Completing work:

As students complete each piece of work they should click the ‘handed in’ icon. We would ask that parents check in with their children if only ‘spot checking’ or sampling. At school we will have a small number of staff who will deal with any urgent enquiries and monitor work completion levels. We will contact families if any concerns arise around the lack of engagement/completion (students not engaging in home learning may face sanctions upon returning to school).

Communication with teachers:

Teachers will set work as outlined above for each lesson. All staff work email addresses will be sent to families (see attached) and teachers will endeavour to answer any urgent queries, related to work, within 24 hours. I will be expecting teachers to work their normal hours and direct them not to look at emails outside of those hours.

Communication with school:

As stated above there will be a small number of staff to deal with urgent enquiries and monitor student engagement with their work. General queries should, as usual be directed to Three temporary points of contact will be set up during school hours. The first is if you wish to report any safeguarding concern related to students (07483 356437). In addition, senior staff will be on call during school hours (07917 413884). The other point of contact will be urgent enquiries related to SEN students (07442 533543)

Other communication platforms including the school website and twitter feed, will be updated as the response to Covid-19 develops.

Finally, I would ask parents to understand that this issue involves a steep learning curve for both staff and students. There may be some glitches in communication and online learning facilities; if so we will make every effort to address them swiftly.

Michael Kiely