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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Results Day and Sixth Form Applications

For information on results day or Sixth Form enrolment click the following links:

To enrol in Sixth Form or to make a new application please click on the links below:

Summer 2020 Exams Results Information:

Arrangements for results days


Qualification type



GCE (AS, A Levels) and other Level 3 qualifications



GCSE and other Level 1/2 qualifications



Results can be collected from The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School from 08.00am.  You will be guided to enter the school site through the car park and will receive your results in the school hall. Social distancing and a one-way system will be in place so there is expected to be a queue. There will be staff from the Senior Leadership Team, the Sixth Form Team, the Exams Team and Connexions to help support you with any enquiries. Year 13 can get support with UCAS or clearing related issues and Year 11 will be able to complete their enrolment for the Sixth Form.

If you cannot attend school on results day, you have the following options:

  • You may nominate someone to collect the results on your behalf. Please email the exams officer on with the name of your nominated person. The nominated person will need to bring in ID to confirm their identification.
  • You may have the results posted to you. Please provide a stamped addressed envelope to the Exams Officer (Office B11).
  • Results not collected on the day will be available to collect from reception from 14th August (A Levels) and 21st August (GCSEs). Reception will be open from 09:00 to 1:00pm.
  • You may request results by email but they will not be available this way until 18th August (A Levels) and 24th August (GCSEs). Please email giving your Full Name, Date of Birth, Address and Name of Parent.

Centre assessment grades and rank orders

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School has submitted centre assessment grades and rank orders to the exam boards in accordance with the Ofqual guidance and it was a detailed and thorough process. For the reason of fairness, the grades that we submitted are subject to a standardisation process by the exam boards to ensure grading standards are consistent nationally. The rank order of candidates will not be changed but the final grades you receive may be different to the centre assessment grade.


Concerns about your results

At results time, Ofqual will be providing information for students that sets out how their grades were calculated this year and the options available if they believe their result was not properly produced. However, Ofqual have confirmed that you cannot appeal against the actual grades as they have been issued by the exam boards and they have decided that there are no appeals this year as there were no exams taken. They state in their guidance that “we should not provide for an appeal in respect of the process or procedure used by a centre”.

If you have concern about a grade you have been awarded, you can speak to the school Exams Team who will be in the Bethlehem Sixth Form Group Study Room on results days.

You can:

  • check whether an error was made by the school when submitting your centre assessment grade and rank order
  • check whether an error was made by the exam board when calculating a grade
  • raise a complaint with Ms Quigley if you feel you have evidence of bias or that you were discriminated against
  • appeal against the school’s decision not to appeal to the exam board

You cannot:

  • appeal against your centre assessment grades and position in the rank order
  • appeal in respect of the process or procedure used by the school in calculating their centre assessment grades and position in the rank order
  • appeal directly to the exam boards


Sitting exams in Autumn 2020

If you are unhappy with your results, you will be able to sit your A Levels or GCSEs in the autumn term. You should give thoughtful consideration to this and reflect on whether this is the best action for you.

The A Levels will be sat in October and the results will be available in January 2021 meaning that you are not likely to be able to attend university until autumn 2021.

The GCSEs will be sat in November and the results will be available in February 2021. This will be six months after you will have started your Sixth Form courses.

You will pay for each exam entry in advance using ParentPay. A Level entry fees are £102 per subject and GCSEs are £44.

You will also need to think through how you will prepare for these exams as the school will, unfortunately, not be able to provide teaching or intervention support.

After careful deliberation, if you plan to take exams, please complete the Autumn 2020 Exam Entry Form attached and after you have paid on ParentPay, email it to . The school’s deadlines for entries are 26th August for A levels and the 9th September for GCSEs.


Certificates will be available for collection from the school late in the autumn term. You will be contacted with a date to come into school to check the certificate details are correct and to sign for them.

If you are unable to collect the certificates in person, please complete the Certificate Collection Form and return it to the

Attached forms:

  • Exams Internal Appeals form
  • Autumn 2020 Exam Entry Form
  • Certificate Collection Form