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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Maths Competition

Winners of 'Maths Problem of the the Fortnight' announced with solutions and the next puzzle...

Congratulations to the winners of the Maths Problem of the Fortnight (19th – 30th Nov 2012). Well done! All winning pupils will receive an achievement point and also go into the draw for the mystery prize at the end of the year! There will also be a prize for the winning member of staff

Level 1:

  • Kian Osmond 7CA2
  • Callum Fraser 7CA1
  • Theo Faulkner 7CA2
Level 2:
  • Joe Sellick 10WA1
Level 3:
  • Bosa Weluche-Ume 13AM

Well done to Mr Hirst for his correct solutions!

Solutions can be found in 'Wider Learning' then 'Awards and Competions'. Follow this link:


Puzzle Two (3rd – 14th Dec 2012)

Level 1:

Piotr says his age is 50 years,
50 months,
50 weeks and
50 days old.
What age will he be on his next birthday?


Level 2:

A large triangle is divided into four smaller triangles and three quadrilaterals by three straight-line segments. The sum of the perimeters of the three quadrilaterals is 25 cm. The sum of the perimeters of the four triangles is 20 cm. The perimeter of the original triangle is 19 cm. What is the sum of the lengths of the three straight-line segments?
Print off this puzzle here for diagrams

Level 3:

The polynomial f (x) is such that
f (x2 + 1) ≡ x4 + 4x2
f (x2 − 1) ≡ ax4 + 4bx2 + c.
What is the value of
a2 + b2 + c2 ?