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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Greenford Cardinals Basketball Club

Cardinal Wiseman was the birthplace of the Greenford Cardinals. Thirty-nine years on, a reunion is being organised for the Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of May 2013.

Reunion - Bank Holiday Weekend (beginning May 2013)

As some of you will know, Cardinal Wiseman High School was the birthplace of the Greenford Cardinals Basketball Club. After great success as a school team in the mid-'70s, many of the players and staff wanted to play the game at a higher level so formed the club, which became known as the Cardinals.
Old-Wisemanians include Ian McCrossland, John and Jenny McGarel, Eamon Whelan, Jo Cavanagh, Charmaine Bartlet-Barfoot, Declan Bolger, John Baron, Rodney Bennett...the list goes on and on.
The club proved so popular that players from all over London joined and competed in the best local and national leagues. Youngsters from almost every Ealing school and way beyond, ended up playing for the Cardinals and the men's and women's teams attracted some of the best international players of that generation.
The basketball camps for developing junior talent brought England's best coaches and National League players together to improve the skills and attitudes of the 100 players a day who attended these events at February half terms and in the summer holidays.
Thirty nine years after its birth a reunion for former players is being organised and we are looking to contact as many people as we can to join us in that event, which is taking place on the Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of May 2013.
If you are a former Cardinal and would like more information please contact Tony Markowski on 0779 581 6949 or log into the Greenford Cardinals Facebook page.
We're looking forward to hearing from you!