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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Year 10 Science Exams

Year 10 Separate Science internal examinations will take place during the week beginning 8th July and will determine the students' progress in Science in their final year.

Dear Parent/Carer,

As your son/daughter will know, in the week commencing 8th July we are holding the Year 10 Separate Science internal examinations. Your son/daughter has been prepared for these examinations over the last two years. The results of these examinations will be instrumental in determining your child’s progress in Science for their final year at Key Stage 4.
There will be three separate papers held over three separate days:
  • Biology – Tuesday 9th July (AM)
  • Chemistry – Wednesday 10th July (AM)
  • Physics – Friday 12th July (PM)
Each paper consists of the first three units of that discipline and will last for an hour and fifteen minutes. Your son/daughter will receive a grade for each of the three Sciences. It is these grades that will largely determine the suitability for your child to remain on the Separate Science pathway.
These examinations are extremely important and your child will have been given a wealth of resources to revise from.
I wish your child all the best with these examinations.
Yours faithfully
Mr R Dann
Curriculum Coordinator of Science