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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Year 7 Cognitive Ability Tests and Year 7 Groups

There are two important strategies taking place this term, which are designed to support your Year7 child’s transition to secondary school...

Dear Parent/ Carer,

I am writing to inform you of two important strategies taking place this term, which are designed to support your child’s transition to secondary school.

Cognitive Ability Tests 

The Cognitive Ability Tests (C.A.Ts) will be taking place on Friday 6th September.  All the year 7 students will be taking three tests which cover:
  • Verbal Reasoning – thinking with words
  • Quantitative Reasoning – thinking with numbers
  • Non-verbal Reasoning – thinking with shape and space
Students and Parents/Carers should not be concerned about the C.A.Ts as the students are not able to revise for these tests. However, it is essential that all students attend on Friday and complete the C.A.Ts and I would ask that any medical appointments which occur during the school day on Friday be arranged for a later date, if possible.
The results from these tests are then used in conjunction with the KS2 SATs’ data and our teachers’ continuous assessment to monitor your child’s progress during Key Stage 3 and to ensure that appropriate and challenging targets are set. 

Year 7 Groups

For the Autumn term, all the year 7 students have been placed in broad ability groups for English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, R.E and Languages. These groups are organised based on the KS2 Test Marks for English and Maths and the Science KS2 Teacher Assessed Level.  All other subjects are taught in mixed ability groups.
During the Autumn term, departments will be carrying out a review of existing classes in order to ensure all students are working with children of similar abilities with an appropriate pace and learning environment to meet their individual needs. The teachers will use a combination of assessments of the work completed during the term, the KS2 data and the CATs’ data in order to reorganise the classes where necessary. You will be kept informed of any class changes through notes placed in your child’s organiser.
If you have any concerns or queries regarding the above information, please contact either Ms Whitby (Assistant Headteacher KS3), Ms McGovern ( Head of Year 7) or your child’s subject teacher.
Yours faithfully,
Ms Whitby
Assistant Headteacher