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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Lourdes Fundraising

We will be aiming to raise £17,000 to take a group of children to Lourdes through a charity called HCPT

As a Catholic School Community we believe we are called to serve others, in particular the most vulnerable in society. This year our school is going to be taking a group of children to Lourdes through a charity called HCPT. HCPT is a charity which takes children with special needs on a pilgrimage holiday. The aim of the week is for the disabled children to have fun away from home, whilst the rest of their family also gets a break from being full time carers. When we are away we take the children to various places including the beach, the forest, play games and generally have fun.

We will be taking children from local special schools and our 6th form students are going to act as parents for them. This may include feeding, washing, changing the children and hanging out together. The 6th formers and teachers undergo a rigorous training course and give up their Easter holidays to go.

The 6th form helpers and teachers pay for themselves to go whilst it does not cost the disabled children anything because many of these children could not afford to pay for themselves. This means that we have to do all the fundraising and this year we need to raise £17k to pay for the specialist travel and medical care that is needed.

Therefore, each year group is going to be set a 2 week charity challenge in which they need to raise as much money as possible for HCPT. The dates are as follows:
Year 9 - 11/11/13 - 25/11/13
Year 10- 24/9/13- 8/10/13
Year 11- 14/10/13- 05/11/13
Thank you very much for your support
10So will be hosting a 'Cake and Rave' on Friday 27th September at lunchtime.
There will be a cake sale in the covered area outside Bethlehem from 12.45 pm onwards ane will host a 'rave' in the Drama studio at the same time (50p to get in)
Miss Walker
RE teacher/ Group Leader 217