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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Our Crosses as a Necessary Burden

As tough as Lent can seem we remember that the cross we carry is a support as opposed to a burden.

I bet whatever you have given up for this Lenten period is looking very desirable right now? Its been 3 weeks without that something that gets you through the day or week and the temptation to break your fast has perhaps crossed your mind as it silently screams at you! (I must admit that every time I see some chocolate it's as if Pavlov's bell has rung and my mouth starts to water.) This, it must be fair to say, is all normal behaviour during a period of fasting and if anything strengthens our resolve and prayerful bond at this time. Yes the burden of giving up what we most desire is hard and the cross we carry can seem that much heavier but it is all for a greater purpose.

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We are not hard to ourselves as a way of being unkind, we do it to remind ourselves of the reward at hand to our loyalty. Below is a link to a youtube video which depicts the pitfalls of lessening our burden, if we remain true and obedient to the cross that Jesus calls us to carry then we will receive the love and support of God in what we do, however if we begin to take shortcuts to make our load lighter we will short of our aim and then not bask in the glory that the resurrection brings.

Easter Liturgies

All staff and parents are welcome to attend the Easter Liturgies in Our Lady of the Visitation Church taling place at 8.50 am - 10.00 am on Monday to Thursday and at 8.30 am on Friday (31st March - 4th April).


God, when you ask us to take on more than it seems possible to bear, give us the strength of character and presence of mind to serve you regardless the cost. Let us not forget in the loneliness of temptation your love and your will for us. We say all this in Jesus' name, Amen.