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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Talents and Achievements

As we celebrate the achievements of the students are you sure of your own talents?

This past week each year group has been celebrating their talents and all their successes over the last term in special 'Achievement Assemblies'. It is a wonderful opportunity for all our students to recognise the talents that God has bestowed upon them, to reap the rewards for their efforts and also to give them a sense of value knowing that others see in them things that perhaps they don't see in themselves.

Perhaps it is fair to say that this is something that afflicts us all, some people are fully aware of the things that they are good at, perhaps they are sporty, academic, artistic etc. But for a lot of us it may be that we are not truly aware of that special element that God has gifted us with. In the hustle and bustle of our busy, every day lives there aren't necessarily opportunities to celebrate our gifts and talents; this could even lead to us not being aware of our own talents and, furthermore, for a few to believe that they have none at all!

At times like these we remember that God created each of us individually and instilled in each of us is a purpose. A purpose that makes us special, that perhaps no one else has and makes us relevant in our search for eternal life together in community. We are all gifted in one way or another; it is inbuilt to who we are and so by being ourselves we reveal our talents even if we can not see them ourselves. The following is a true story as an example to that point:

It's a story about a man who had real talent.
This particular man played piano in a bar. He was a good piano player. People came out just to hear him and his trio play. But one night, a patron wanted them to sing a particular song. The trio declined. But the customer was persistent. He told them bartender,

"I'm tired of listening to the piano. I want that guy to sing!"

The bartender shouted across the room to the piano player,

"Hey buddy! If you want to get paid, sing the song. The patrons are asking you to sing!"

So he did. He sang a song. A jazz piano player who had not sung much in public, sang a song that changed his career. For nobody had ever heard Sweet Lorraine sung the way it was sung that night by Nat King Cole!

He had talent he was sitting on! He may have lived the rest of his life playing in a jazz trio in clubs and bars, but because he had to sing, he went on to become one of the best-known entertainers in America.

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And to further acknowledge the wonderful talents that we may simply be sat on, here is the Great Nat King Cole himself singing about the greatest gift that God has given to us all:

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For all the talents you have given to us and for all the achievements that we attain through them we thank you God. For making us in your image and giving us the love and support to do your will we praise you in the name of Jesus Christ your Son and our saviour.