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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Thank you is the hardest word

No-one gets anywhere alone. Do those people who have supported you the most know how much you appreciate them?


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This week our community says farewell to our Year 13 students and so, with them, we round off our period of students leaving. Being the community we are, we acknowledged their time with us by celebrating Mass with them and their relatives as a way of coming together as one big family in Christ; and it presented us with an opportunity. At my graduation, the point in the service when the University Principle was congratulating us on our success, we were asked to stand and face our loved ones (especially our parents) and give them a rapturous round of applause. Why? As was so rightly noted, these were the people in our lives who have supported us the most, who supported us and guided us to the this point, no matter what. So, during the homily of both the Year 11 & 13 leavers Masses, the students were asked to do the same thing and to show their gratitude to those that love them and support them through thick and thin.

For me personally, I have to admit that that was the first public display of gratitude I had shown for my parents and I'm confident that I'm not alone in that. As Christians we regularly show our gratitude to God and Jesus, giving thanks for all that we have; but how often do we thank those people around us? Despite what Hollywood may have us believe, no one gets anywhere alone. We all help one another along the road in some way shape or form, but we don't always realise that support has been there.

A challenge:

So this week I'm going to challenge you. Who has helped you to get where you are today? Have you thanked them? At some point in the next week realise who has been a source of support in your life and thank them for it. Go out and show your gratitude to those people, in whatever way you see fit, and praise the Lord for putting them in your life.

We work best together so let us be thankful for those who are on our team and help us achieve.



Lord, God Almighty, Thank you for the gift of the people in our lives. Those people who support us in all that we do, who love us and wish to help us succeed. Let them know of our love and gratitude and help us to become more aware of what others do for us.