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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School


At Pentecost we give thanks for the power the Holy Spirit has in our lives.

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A video reconstruction of the Holy Sprit coming down upon the Disciples and the beginning of their miniseries.


This past weekend we celebrated the feast of Pentecost, when the gift of the Holy Spirit, that Jesus had promised his disciples upon his ascension in to heaven, descends down upon them filling them with the strength and conviction to fulfil Jesus' ministry. But it is more than simply an historical recognition: it is a feast of all that the Holy Spirit does in our lives, the integral role it plays in our spiritual journeys and the faith it continues to inspire in those who have yet not heard the good news. Among its many roles it is a life source that fuels all that we have come to know in our faith. As Bishop Ignatius of Latikion once quoted:

"Without the Holy Spirit:
God is far away
Christ stays in the past
The gospel is a dead letter;
The Church is simply an organization;
Authority is a matter of domination;
Mission is a matter of propaganda;
The liturgy no more than an evocation;
Christian living a slave mentality."

So at this particular feast, we give thanks for the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and for its all-encompassing guidance in our search for reunion with God in heaven. We also celebrate the energy it gives us to become the people we are made to be. When the flames fell upon the disciples, they were suddenly able to talk in many languages and they felt courage to go out in the face of perils and spread the Gospel message. The Spirit does the same to us. It is a power source from which we can gain wisdom and peace and also fuels the courage and inspiration to ignite those gifts and talents within us. So this week we will take time pray to God that, through the Holy Spirit, we are able to fulfil the message as passed on through Jesus Christ and to be the people God has made us to be.



God in heaven, we pray in thanksgiving for the gift of the Holy Spirit. We open ourselves up to your wisdom so that, through its guidance, we are able to become the people you have designed us to be. So that we can bring your message of love and kindness to those who have not yet heard your calling. We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son and our Saviour