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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Uniform update

For guidence on current uniform and information about our uniform suppliers please read more

Dear Parent/Carer

Uniform suppliers

Unfortunately we have been notified by Jackies uniform suppliers that they have closed their Kenton Road Store and will therefore be unable to supply the Cardinal Wiseman uniform. We have been in contact with Class Designs (Hanwell) and are delighted to announce that they have now launched their on-line uniform service which I’m sure will be of some convenience to some of our families, particularly those who live in the Sudbury and Harrow areas. All items of uniform from Y7-13 can be purchased on-line following the link below:


The school will seek parents/carers feedback in September to see how convenient and effective this service is and whether there is a need to develop a partnership with another uniform supplier in the future.

Uniform feedback

Having launched our updated school uniform this year we have been very pleased with the impact. The overall presentation of our students has improved and this has saved teachers lots of time in addressing unnecessary uniform matters and allowing us to have more positive conversations with pupils when we first come into contact with them. On that note I would like to remind parents that girls’ skirts should be updated each year so that they remain below knee length when they start school again in September. In response to parents/carers requests we have also placed a section on the school website, under ‘School Uniform’ titled school shoes, which provides families with clear guidance on what type of shoes are appropriate for school and which ones are not. Please check this guide first before purchasing footwear for the new academic year. (Also see school shoes here)

Code of Conduct

We have made some adjustments and amendments to the code of conduct and these will come into effect from September 2014. We will outline these changes at the Parent Information Evenings in September, but they will also be published on the school website in the next few weeks as well as the new student planners.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a restful and enjoyable summer; we hope to see you all soon at the upcoming Celebration of Success evenings.

Yours Sincerely

Mr P Walton

Senior Assistant Headteacher