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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Year 13 Congratulations

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I would like to congratulate all of our Year 13 prefects; who have been fantastic during the past academic year. They have been wonderful ambassadors for our whole school community and a delight to support and be around. They have gained valuable leadership qualities and coped well at combining the busy prefect schedule with the demands of their academic studies. Well done to all outgoing prefects and Year 13 students who helped us throughout the year.

I would also like to congratulate the students below; who are on target in all of their subjects, based on their October 2014 predictions. They have either met or exceeded their A2 target grade in all subject areas. Well done to all involved.

 Ammar Alhadi

James Allen

Gaganpreet Bangar

Rhianna Callaghan

Lorcan Comer

Michael Doherty

Karalo Dunne

Joey El-Hage Boutros

Sharon El-Nawar

Ryan Ford

Rachel Fulla

Elizabeth Furzer-Pickett

Aidan Galloway

Ian Galloway

Niamh Garvey

Mario Hadad

Ella Huegle

Matthew Hurley

Ayo Jolaoso

Jade Jones

Eisvidas Jonkus

Filip Ivanytsa

Rhiannon Keeney

Nicole Louro Serrano

Sofia Lucchini

Greg Mazurek

Leah Mereb

Namir Meti

Eimear Murphy

Claire O’Reilly

Gee-Wai Pang

Pawel Piasta

Barbara Przadka

Robbie Radisa

Kaine Salcynski

Alessandro Sanchez

Aatish Sharma

Eleanor Sullivan

Julian Tang

Ryan Turner Lally

Rakheem Whilby

Aliyah Wilkinson

Mr Bird
Head of Year 13