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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Year 11 Exams

Revision Tips and Timetables for Year 11 Exams beginning next week.

With the Year 11 exams starting next week, I am writing to let you know of a few revision tips and techniques which may well help you to support your son/daughter’s preparation for their exams. The following points were given to the students in their assembly this week:

  • The students should be revising consistently but we do not expect them to be working all the time – they need to be revising every day in ‘chunks’ and taking regular breaks
  • When they are revising, it needs to be focussed and purposeful – they should ideally be working in a quiet area with mobile phones and televisions switched off to avoid all distractions
  • It can be useful for the students to work in pairs or small groups to support each other with their revising; asking questions, marking work etc. – we do not expect the students to work in isolation all the time
  • Simply reading from books and notes isn’t effective – the students need to be writing and answering questions, making notes, creating mindmaps etc.
  • You can help your son/daughter with their revision by asking questions from practice papers or from their exercise books – you don’t need to know the answers in order to support them
  • There is a considerable amount of resources for every subject available to the students on Frog

All the students have also received booklets on Revision Techniques and Study Skills. These booklets and the exam timetable can be found on the website here.

The students have also been reminded of the importance of these exams; the results will inform their future predicted grades and will also inform the Teaching and Learning and Intervention strategies in the final few months leading up to the GCSE exams in May 2015.

The Exam results will be sent out to you in the New Year, along with their Predicted and Effort grades.

Ms Baker