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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

VETCAM Experience

Akshay Bangara talks about his two day veterinary taster course at Cambridge university

 The VETCAM 2015 course was a two day taster course at the University of Cambridge, for students wanting to study veterinary medicine at university. The taster course provided me with a wonderful introduction into what studying veterinary medicine would be like. On the Monday, there was an introductory lecture in a lecture hall at Queen’s College that welcomed us, and gave us a breakdown of the veterinary course at Cambridge. It is one year longer than other vet courses at other universities.

They explained how lectures and practicals worked at Cambridge and which topics you learn and get to pick from. There was then a lunch in the Queen’s College cafeteria. After lunch, we split into groups and went around the veterinary departments having mini lectures and demonstrations in the topics you learn during your first year. After that we had some free time before going for a formal dinner. During the dinner we were accompanied by current vet students and lecturers that answered any questions that we had.

I then spent the night at Queen’s College. On the Tuesday, after breakfast we went and visited the vet school where you do your clinical years (4th, 5th and 6th years) at Cambridge. At the school, we had talks about the final three years and even were able to take part in practical lessons; which included taking the heart rate and pulse of two dogs and learning how to sew up a wound.

After lunch we split up into groups of around 25 students and each group visited a different college in Cambridge. Finally we came back to Queen’s College; where we had a final lecture on what we need to do in order to get into Cambridge and how the application process works.

This was a fantastic experience that has given me a true insight into the course that I want to study at university. After going to this taster course, I can say that veterinary medicine is definitely for me and that I am even more determined to get into university to do this course.

Akshay Bangara (Sixth Form Student)