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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Summer Holiday Activities

Some fantastic ideas to keep everyone entertained this summer!


 Fancy taking part in a science experiment- head to the science museum!

Latest experiment: Are you paying attention?

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday until 15 September 2015
11.00–13.00 and 14.00–17.30

Have you ever missed seeing something that was right in front of you – like when you’re looking for a certain piece of food in a full fridge?

Researchers from University College London want to find out more about what people notice and how much information people can pay attention to.

Who can take part?

The experiment takes about 10–15 minutes. Anyone aged eight or over can take part. Written consent is required for everybody. If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian will have to sign the form.

Visit the Science Museum website for more information: Live Science Project


Food Technology

Cravings: Can your food control you?

What drives your desires for the foods you love? Is it the colour of your spoon, the food your mum ate while pregnant, the trillions of bacteria that dine with you, or the little known ‘second brain’ in your gut? Go and find out at the science museum on everyday throughout the summer appropriate for 8 to 16 year olds

Visit the Science Museum website for more information: Cravings at the Science Museum 



 Want to try out a new sport? 

Why not go to a FREE  taster session near you over the summer find out more here:  BBC - Things To Do

As part of the BBC’s be inspired campaign this website shows what’s on and where – all that’s left is to pick which one to do first!



Engineering/ Physics/ Maths

 Ever thought of a career in engineering?

Could you shape the world we live in? Find out if you’ve got the problem-solving, big-thinking, team-working skills to be a globe-trotting engineer of tomorrow.

Visit our interactive exhibition for teens thinking about their futures, Engineer Your Future, where you can: Play Rugged Rovers - Test your brain’s ability to think about the big picture and surprise yourself as to how future towns and cities are being planned!

Visit the Science Museum website for more information: Engineer your future



 The Holocaust Exhibition

This award-winning exhibition traces the Nazi persecution and murder of Europe’s Jews from 1933 to 1945. Learn how the political climate enabled Hitler to rise to power and how his ideas spread throughout the country, ultimately affecting people all around the world.

Not recommended for children under the age of 14

Visit the Imperial War Museum website for more information: The Holocaust Exhibition



 Winston Churchill

Marking the 50th anniversary of his death, Churchill’s Scientists tells the little-known story of how Churchill’s fascination with science led to the scientific achievements that helped Britain win the Second World War.

Discover how the power of science was harnessed during the war, see these incredible events brought to life through a rich array of significant.

Visit the Science Museum website for more information: Churchill's Scientists



 The V&A Illustration Awards

These are held annually to recognize and celebrate the most outstanding works of book, editorial and student illustration in the UK.

Visit the V and A website for more information: Illustration Awards





 Want to help identify the possible of climate change? 

Then why note help building up a nationwide picture of when the UK's bluebells are flowering, to investigate whether their flowering patterns are being influenced by the effects of climate change.

Visit the Natural History Museum website for more information: Bluebell Survey



 Interested in studying Law at A Level or beyond? 

Why not take a trip to the Old Bailey, the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales and watch a court case?  Access to the public galleries is free and based on a first come first serve basis.

Please note there is no admission for children under the age of 14.

For more information visit the website: Central Criminal Court



Media Studies

 Film Locations

London has played a starring role in many blockbuster movies thanks to its epic skyline, atmospheric streets and royal palaces.  Here are 10 London locations, why not take a walking tour around and see if you and your child can name the films located there?

For more information visit the Visit London website: Sightseeing Film Locations