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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Exam Results 2015

Congratulations to our students on their excellent exam results

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83% students achieved five or more A* - C in traditional GCSE subjects

77% students achieved five or more A* - C including English and Mathematics

46 Year 11 students achieved eight or more A*/A grades (see below)

Congratulations to all of our Year 11 students on their excellent GCSE results. These results reflect the students’ ambition and hard work as well as the dedication of our tremendous staff.

Very well done to these students who achieved 8 or more A* and A grades:

Ebose Ajerio
Faith Bacuetes
Samuel Batchelor
George Black
Abban Booth
Hannah Carbery
Mary-Jane Carroll
Anna-Anita Christy
Pratish D’Cruz
Alfie Doherty
Conlan Doherty
Varshika Duelas
Amy Duffy
Daniel Foley
James Foley
Aisling Gillooly
Emma Goold
Fintan Gormley
Samanta Grudzien
Noor Haddad
Lorna Judge
Johnny Kouj
Karolina Marszelewska
Marcin Mazgaj
Caitlin McDonagh
Joseph Mleczko
Yonathan Negus-Temesgen
Conor Norris
Georgina O’Donnell
Elizabeth Olubi
Alicja Pawluk
Solomon Pervez
Ben Phillips
Patrycja Piotrowska
Julia Radzisz
Abishanth Ramachandran
Cian Raychaudhuri
Erick Sarkisian-Sazemani
Kamila Sroka
Subrina Tawcasious
Oliwia Tometczak
Michaela Tranfield
Eleanor Walsh
Katie Watson
Damian Wolodkiewicz
Angelika Zalecki


More GCSE statistics:

English Baccalaureate = 55%
English A* - C = 96%
Mathematics A* - C = 80%
Making expected progress:

English 3 Levels of Progress = 95%

Mathematics 3 Levels of Progress = 78%




 Congratulations to Y13 students on their excellent A Level and BTEC Diploma results. We have a 100% pass rate of A *- E. The percentage of entries graded A* - B is 43% and A* - C at 75%.

We are delighted with the achievements of our students who have worked hard all year. We also thank the teachers who have worked tirelessly to support them to reach their full potential. We have a strong tradition of high expectations and aspirations and are delighted that many of our students will be attending world class Russell Group universities including the University of Cambridge.


Special praise goes to the following students who achieved outstanding A*/A grades:


Ammar Alhadi A*, A*, A (Biology, Maths and Chemistry) – Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath


 Anthony Barrett A*, A, B (Politics, History, Biology) and A (EPQ) – Law at the University of Reading


Georgea Bou Mansour A, A, B (Psychology, Drama and English Literature) – Law at the University of Surrey


Niamh Bradley A*, A, A, B (Biology, Politics, Chemistry and Physics) – Medicine at the University of Birmingham


S haron El Nawar A, A, B (English Literature, Religious Studies and History) – Law at the University of Warwick


Kamila Fiedorczyk A, A, A (Biology, Chemistry and Geography) – Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London


Rachel Fulla A, A, B (Business Studies, Photography and Geography) – Geography at the University of Exeter


 Aidan Galloway A*, A*, A* (Maths, Biology and Chemistry) – Dentistry at King’s College London


James Golbourn A*, A*, A*, A (Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Further Maths AS) – Physics at Durham University


Niamh Hobbs A*, A, B (Biology, Drama and English Literature) – Theatre and Performance at the University of Surrey


Ella Huegle A, A, B (Politics, English Literature and Drama) - Drama and English at the University of Surrey


Andre La Riviere A, A, B (Maths, Physics and Economics) – Accounting and Finance at the University of Bath


Leah Mereb A*, A, A (Politics, English Literature, History) and B (EPQ) – Law at the University of Cambridge


Faris Tamimi A*, A, A (Maths, Chemistry and Physics) – Gap year


Anusha Thapa A*, A, A (Art, Geography and Biology) – Biology at the University of Bristol


Our Y12 students also achieved very positive results and this will provide a very strong base as they move into Year 13. The following Y12 students deserve particular mention for outstanding AS results:


Anna Cremin A, A, A, C (History, English Literature, RE and French)

Simranjeet Duhra A, A, B, B (History, RE, Maths and Chemistry)

Suneet Dias A, A, A, A (Geography, History, English Literature and Law)

Angela Haddad A, A, B (Law, Travel and Business)

George Hedley A, A, B (Geography, Maths and Economics)

Laura Hollywood A, A, B, B (History, Psychology, Biology and English Literature)

Ehimen Ilube A, A, A, B (Economics, Maths, Chemistry and Physics)

Avin Joshi A, A, B, B (Economics, Maths, Biology and Chemistry)

Luke Mleczko A, A, A, A (Economics, Maths, Chemistry and Physics)

David O’Leary A, A, A, B (History, Politics, Law and Drama)

Faith Otote A, A, A, B (Biology, Maths, Chemistry and Spanish)

Kirti Pandey A, A, A, A (History, Economics, Maths and Further Maths)

Jake Reilly A, A, A, B (Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics)

Jago Taylor A, A, B (Maths, Further Maths and Physics)

We are very proud of all our students and wish Y13 the very best as they start a new journey either at university, on apprenticeship or School Leavers’ programmes.

Comments and emails from Year 13 students on receiving their results

“When I found out that I had got into The University of Exeter I was shocked and overjoyed at the same time! Having convinced myself that I was going to my insurance choice I never expected to achieve such an amazing goal that I had set for myself! If someone had said to me a few years ago that I would be going to a top 10 university in the UK I would have laughed at how silly it would all sound! Having to really put in the hard work to achieve my grades the outcome has left me prouder of myself then I have ever been before and proves that all my hard work and determination has paid off. I can never imagine that this excitement will wear off and I can't wait for this new chapter of my life. I will always be grateful to the Cardinal Wiseman staff and community who have helped and pushed me to my full potential which has led me to where I am today.”
Rachel Fulla


“I'm so pleased I got the results I needed to study Medicine at Birmingham University. I'm really excited to start training to become a doctor in a matter of weeks. I would recommend carrying on with 4 A Levels to anyone hoping to enter a similarly competitive field. Thank you to Lorraine and the rest of the 6th form team that have helped me over the last two years!”
Niamh Bradley


“I decided to attend Cardinal Wiseman two years ago. Back then I saw how much the Wiseman community had helped its external students improve and achieve the best they could. This is what attracted me to the school. Two years later, the 6th form team are even better and have helped me to achieve the best A Level results I could have hoped for. Thanks to my teachers and the 6th form team, not only have I managed to secure a place in one of the best universities but I have also grown as a person. Thank you.”
Anusha Thapa


Dear Ms Somrah,

I just wanted to thank you for the time you and the Sixth Form Team spent trying to prepare myself and the rest of year 13 for our exams and University. Thanks to your motivational assemblies and mock interviews, I opened my results with a huge smile on my face and relief that all my hard work has paid off and of course, your favourite quote being recalled in my head 'I could not have done any more'.

I hope that the whole Sixth Form Team have an amazing Summer and if needs be, I would love to speak to some students trying to get into medicine and dentistry, as it is quite a long and tough application process.

Thank you once again for helping me fulfil my dream of getting into a dental school!


Kamila Fiedorczyk


“My final grades were AAB and although initially I was a bit disappointed as I had been aiming for 3As, having been accepted into Warwick University to study Law with a year abroad, I felt proud and satisfied with the results of my hard work. I will take on everything I have learnt from all my subjects and years in Wiseman and hopefully develop them further in the forthcoming new atmosphere.

I want to thank you, Mr Bird, Lorraine, Mrs Durkin and all my teachers who have helped me through my A Levels and for the extra time and effort given when needed.

Good luck and I'll definitely miss Wiseman!”

Sharon El-Nawar