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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Richmond Theatre Trip

A group of twenty Year 11 and Year 12 students went to see King Charles III on a trip to Richmond Theatre

The play King Charles III is an entertaining and insightful play centred on the death of our Queen who has reigned peacefully and steadily for over 60 years.  Now the monarchy and the country are rattled by the new king, Charles.  The play develops and shows how the people and royal family adjust to the rebranding and the new image on the monarchy.

With humour and playful jabs at the royals, the play has a light tone and gives us an insight to what the family are like behind closed doors.  Charles, who has lived a life in the shadow of his Mother, is thrust into a position of high power.  He juggles keeping the peace, his Queen Elizabeth has maintained the past 60 years, and wanting to make his own mark, after many years of waiting to be for his time to be king.

With tense moments and family feuds that you would expect to see on your TV screens as a soap opera, this play has a plethora of emotions and drama.  Despite these light hearted moments, the play carried thought provoking undertones on where the monarchy stands and the fragile balance that must be maintained between the constitution and the monarchy.  We also see how the opinions of one powerful leader can disrupt the foundations of politics.  Overall, it was a fast paced and fun play that had laughs and serious topics intertwined.

Niamh Cullen 11WA1