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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

School Uniform

Clarification of rules regarding boys hairstyles and girls summer uniform

Please read carefully the following points to ensure that your son/daughter is wearing the correct uniform, otherwise they could be at risk of being removed from lessons and placed into Saturday detention.

Boys Hairstyles

There are a number of students who are ignoring the school’s guidance provided at the start of the year through Parent Information Evening’s and assemblies on what would be considered to be an inappropriate hairstyle.

  • Please be reminded that a grade 2 is the shortest cut the school permits; this applies to the back and sides of the student’s hair as well as the top.
  • The school does not permit student’s to have lines or extreme hairstyles; this would include the following hairstyles:


  • As a general rule of thumb hair must be cut evenly on both sides of the head and the top of the hair should blend in with the back and sides

Girls Skirts & summer blouses

  • School skirts must fall below knee length. There are a number of students who have now outgrown their current school skirt and as such will need to replace them as we still have a third of the academic year ahead of us.
  • We have also noticed that a small number of our students have returned to school wearing (tight) fitted summer blouses which would not be appropriate for the school setting. Summer blouses should be purchased from ‘Class designs’ where the style of fit is more appropriate for school.

Thank you for your continued support ensuring the pupils are wearing correct, full school uniform to Cardinal Wiseman.

Yours faithfully,

Mr P. Walton
Senior Assistant Head Teacher

** School Uniform Suppliers: ‘Class Designs’ in Hanwell**

 Please refer to the Code of Conduct and the school organiser for the full uniform list.