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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Morgan Stanley

Three of our Year 13 Business BTEC students enjoyed a two day visit to Global Investment Bank Morgan Stanley. They were guests of Net Eire & Co-operation Ireland Youth Initiative.

 Three of our Year 13 Business BTEC students enjoyed a two day visit to Global Investment Bank Morgan Stanley. They were guests of Net Eire & Co-operation Ireland Youth Initiative.

Seven years ago Morgan Stanley joined up with Co-operation Ireland to offer a group of young people from Belfast, Dublin and London an opportunity to participate in a unique programme of events, with potentially life changing results.

Since then, every year they fly young people from Belfast and Dublin to their head offices in London’s Canary Wharf where they are joined by London students. This year the group learned not only about the financial services but also about a range of other employment and career paths in the banking industry, networking and personal development skills. They were given an opportunity to work on their leadership potential and increase their speaking, listening and presentation skills through working with other young people from diverse backgrounds.  Some of the highlights of the two days were visits to the Houses of Parliament and the Dorchester Hotel, Employability & Skills/Social Media Footprint presentation by Alexander Mann Recruitment, Project Management Exercise, visit to the Trading Floor and the main part of the second day – Communications workshop and presentations.

The students also had the opportunity to meet senior Irish people within the bank to hear their stories and experiences. These included Michael O'Toole, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, who has visited our school many times in the past during our annual UCAS Conference. There were also inspirational guest speakers: Dan Mulhall, Irish Ambassador to GB and John Griffin, Founder and Former Chairman of Addison Lee.

All three of our students had a fantastic time, actively participating in all workshops, networking and making friends. We would like to thank Morgan Stanley, and in particular Mr O’Toole, Caroline McLaughlin and Bill Daly, as well as Dr Alan Largey and Corinna Crooks who run the project at Co-operation Ireland, for inviting our students. 


This is what our students wrote: 

“The Morgan Stanley experience was an amazing opportunity. I got the chance to meet and work with other young students from across London and Ireland.   The experience gave me the chance to work within groups and put me out of my comfort zone which gave me a confident boost I needed.   I learned several new skills such as team working, communication skills, presentation skills and leadership skills. On the two day trip we carried out several activities; we went to the Dorchester Hotel, The Houses of Parliament and the trading floor at Morgan Stanley which was very eye opening and interesting, where we were also able to ask several questions and speak to members of staff. Several speakers also joined the group to give speeches and give talks about their past experiences and how they came to their present job role such as John Griffin, Founder and Ex-Chairman of Addison Lee and Dan Mulhall, the Ambassador of Ireland to Great Britain. These were very inspirational and gave me different ideas of routes I could possibly go down in the future. Overall, I really enjoyed taking part in the Morgan Stanley and Co-operation Ireland Youth Initiative experience as it allowed me to open a lot of doors, speak to professionals, gain a different outlook on different types of jobs and backgrounds, work with new people and review my next steps which I will be taking after I leave Sixth Form.“
Rosie C, Year 13

“Our time at Morgan Stanley was an unforgettable experience. One that was extremely rewarding, as we listened to excellent guest speakers reveal their experiences and wisdom. The experience itself provided us with an insight to working life and more importantly provided us with the ambition to succeed, whilst thoroughly enjoying the activities set out, as well as making lifelong friends.”
Tom B and Yosan H, Year 13

Mrs M Sowa
UCAS and Enrichment Advisor