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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Year 10 Exams

Year 10 Exams will be starting on Tuesday 21st June.

Year 10 Exams will be starting on Tuesday 21st June.

For the majority of the exam period, the timetable will be collapsed for the year 10 students in order for them to sit their exams in all of their subjects.  The outline of the exams is provided in the timetable below:


9.00 AM 

1.00 PM

TUESDAY 21st June

No exam – students in lessons

Drama Y Block


Food Tech, Electronics, Graphics, Resistant Materials

Drama X block

THURSDAY 23rd June

Maths Paper 1

Biology Separate Science

FRIDAY 24th June

French & Spanish

Chemistry Separate Science

MONDAY  27th June


Physics Separate Science



No Exam


Maths Paper 2

Music, Business, PE

THURSDAY 30th June


























The students will be provided with further information regarding each exam such as the venue and the length of time for each exam, which does vary.   Instructions for the exams and the expectations of the students’ conduct are printed on the reverse of this letter.  Also included is the detailed schedule for each day.

Practical exams will be held in July for Art and Hospitality students; students studying these subjects will be given further information by their class teachers.

From Wednesday 22nd June – Thursday 30th June: Not all the students will have an exam in each session on these dates.  As there won’t be any formal lessons during this period, the yr 10 students are allowed to go home in-between the morning and afternoon exams and should remain at home to revise on the occasions when they do not have an exam.  We have also provided a supervised area in the dining hall or in J200 for the students who would prefer to remain on site and revise.  Students are not allowed to remain in the Greenford area during this time.

The Revision Materials’ booklet and the ‘How to help your child prepare and revise for their exams’ booklet were sent home to you before the half term and they are all also available on the website and Frog under the ‘Exams’ section.  If you have any concerns or queries with regard to any of the above, please contact either Ms Baker or Mr Smith at the school.