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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School


A new Assessment, Marking, Feedback and Homework Policy had been implemented at our school since September 2015.   This has been introduced to develop a consistent whole-school approach which focuses primarily on developing student progress by giving quality feedback across all year groups.   This policy clearly outlines how often students will be assessed across different subject areas as well as how often they will be set homework across all of the key stages.

The two-week timetable has been introduced to help extend learning time to one hour lessons to deepen knowledge and understanding, and enable more regular assessment opportunities.  The assessments that are planned across all departments inform the progress grades that are linked to NC levels (or exam grades) that our students receive termly. 

 As a result of the two-week timetable, the setting of homework has altered.   KS3 students are expected to spend approximately 5 hours a week on homework to support their learning in school.  Every day, at least one piece of homework will be set.   See below:

Subjects that set homework once a week:

  English, Maths, RE, Science and MFL

Subjects that set homework once a fortnight:

 History and Geography

Subjects that set homework every half term:

  ICT, PE, Drama, Music, Art and DT

Homework includes a wide range of home- learning activities that will help to consolidate classwork as well as encourage independent learning.   When your child completes their homework, there are many other independent learning opportunities.   Please see the Independent and Home Learning Guide attached for more details.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please contact Ms J. Griffiths (Senior Assistant Headteacher):

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