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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

NQT Experience

Our school provides excellent support for new teachers starting out on their careers.

We offer a range of benefits to new teachers, including:

  • an outstanding induction programme for NQTs with an experienced supportive mentor for each NQT
  • outstanding results, at both GCSE and A level, from our well motivated students
  • an IT rich learning environment
  • high quality facilities in our newly built school
  • an inner London location (with London Weighting salary benefits)
  • an Open Door policy from an approachable Senior Leadership Team for guidance and advice

What do people think about our induction programme? 

Our NQT Induction Manager is described as "a strong leader with a clear vision and exciting ideas ... He is intrinsically helpful, with with outstanding communication skills and truly inspires and motivates all mentors and NQTs to give their best at all times"

"Mentors are fully committed in supporting their NQTs and ‘did not mind giving as much time as needed to their NQTs’."

"The NQTs spoke with confidence and excitement about their first year of teaching and articulated clearly their strengths and next steps."

‘Everyone has time for you’,

‘Communication in the school is unbelievable’ 

‘We are like a big family here that supports and truly cares for each other’

The working environment at CWCHS is ‘so positive and [an NQT] could not choose a better place to start their teaching career. All staff are so supportive, generous with their time, resources and ideas’.

One NQT stated that ‘The atmosphere in the school is amazing and the school is like a chain held together well and functioning so well’.

‘All at CWCHS genuinely care about the pupils’.

Read the full 'NQT Induction Quality Assurance Report' here

Some of our NQT’s described the benefit of the support they have received their first year at Cardinal Wiseman:

Teacher of Spanish

 My experience as NQT at The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School could be summarised in two words: support and development. From the very beginning, you feel that you are a valuable member of a caring team. My mentor and the rest of the MFL department constantly reinforce this sense of community generating a positive and extremely encouraging environment. Everyone has always a second to answer my questions and to offer the best possible guidance. I really value the relationship that I have built with my mentor through our weekly meetings. Thanks to her kindness and inspiration, my confidence has grown along with my teaching skills.

The support I receive in the MFL department is enhanced by an effective developmental programme. I have attended training sessions on a weekly basis offered by both the department and the senior leadership team. I feel that these programmes have equipped me to deal successfully with challenges in key areas such as behaviour for learning, assessment, differentiation and progress of all the students. In my view, these are the fruits of a well-structured scheme designed by an equally supportive NQT coordinator.

Mr Castro

Teacher of Science

 The NQT programme has been extensive and worthwhile; from the first induction day I have felt supported with the tools I have needed to develop as a teacher at Cardinal Wiseman.

NQTs are given lots of responsibility from the beginning which allows us to establish ourselves in the school quickly. Regular CPD has allowed me to explore and develop a range of teaching skills and has given me the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with colleagues. Topics have included everything from safeguarding to swapping teaching and learning ideas with experienced teachers as well as other NQTs.

My mentor has been incredibly supportive and has helped in every way possible – not just in NQT/mentor meetings but throughout the day whenever needed. My department are an exceptional team which I feel privileged to be a part of and happy to contribute to. There are role models to be found across the school with something valuable they add to the community.

Overall the NQT programme has given me a fantastic start to my career, and I look forward to next year at Cardinal Wiseman.

Ms Ul-Haq

Teacher of MFL

“A mind that is stretched by new experiences cannot go back to its old dimensions.”

 I feel that this quote is apt when writing about my NQT experience here at Cardinal Wiseman. Being an NQT is whirlwind of deadlines, mark schemes, schemes of work, departmental policies, behaviour policies, safe guarding policies, whole school policies, feedback sheets, briefings, meetings, emails, phone calls, observations, printing, photocopying and minute-taking all mixed in to teaching, caring, reprimanding, praising, chasing, laughing, sharing, prompting, marking, assessing and reflecting.

Here at Wiseman, all of this is tackled with surprising ease due to the fact that there is a team of steady and supportive hands keeping you upright at all times and pointing you in the right direction. They are there to re-assure, advise and guide. This support has been invaluable to me and it stretches from the Head teacher all the way down to my colleagues in my department, MFL. In particular I have formed a close professional relationship with my mentor, Mr Ben Bird, whom has been astonishingly patient and accommodating with me; putting up with my extensive list of almost daily questions. Without this patience, my year could have been a more stressful affair. It is almost impossible to single out a single staff member like this, though, as Cardinal Wiseman works, breathes and moves as a community. This, in my opinion, is golden.

Induction, lead by Mr Gary Wilkinson, was thorough and educating; we were enveloped by information and were given the time to think and reflect on this information. These sessions also gave us a chance to meet one and other to compare and share our experiences of the week, something I particularly enjoyed. It acted as a reassurance mechanism, a reminder that we were not an island.

On entering the teaching profession my goal was to work in a school where the atmosphere was one of happiness and enjoyment. I wished to see students who felt safe and comfortable, to see staff who enjoyed their work day and genuinely liked working with sometimes tricky but ultimately appreciative and hard-working students. I’ve been lucky enough to encounter just that here at Wiseman. Each and every day the highlight for me is the rapport between staff and students. We care about the students which can manifest in many forms ranging from organising school trips, staying late after school to support students ahead of exams or chasing students who miss detentions. We have high expectations because we want our students to grow to become moral, educated, independent and caring adults.

Going forward, I hope to continue to grow as a teacher here at Wiseman. With regards to developing within the profession, I feel a particular strength that Wiseman has lies in the enabling rather than stifling of teacher individuality. We are encouraged and guided but not forced to fit in to a mould of conformity. I look forward to growing and learning at all times, knowing that the foundation blocks of my time in the profession were lain here at Wiseman.

Ms Dempsey

Teacher of Mathematics

 Cardinal Wiseman is the true definition of a loving and supportive community. I attended the school from 2004-2009, and after a truly amazing time as a student, I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to give back to the school which had given me so much. The NQT programme is structured well. The weekly sessions give you a chance to share your experiences and ideas with other NQT’s; and learn a variety of new techniques to improve your practice from more experienced members of staff.

My colleagues, within my own department, are fantastic. If anything goes wrong, they look at ways they can help me improve instead of passing judgement which really helped ease the pressure through my first year teaching. To know you have people who will be there to pick you up if things go wrong really helped me become a more confident teacher. In addition, considering the school is one of the largest in the borough of Ealing, I think the staff communicate and interact with each other very well. There is no ‘us and them’ atmosphere.

I can honestly say that I do not think there is a better school to complete your NQT year in!

Mr Anderson

Teacher of Science

 When I first visited Cardinal Wiseman School I was really impressed with what I saw, friendly well-behaved students engaged in their studies and a fantastic team of staff both inside and out of the science department. And after starting day one of my NQT year, my first impressions have only been confirmed.

The science department is full of a wonderful range of supportive teachers, all of which have been more than happy to share ideas and offer advice and tips at any stage no matter how busy they are! I really couldn’t have asked for a more supportive team for my NQT year. In addition I have a mentor within the department who regularly meets up with me, checks that all is going well and is able to answer any questions I might have be they subject knowledge, classroom management or anything else.

The school has offered a wide and diverse range of CPD sessions covering a whole range of topics which have helped my classroom practice, and provided a range of strategies and techniques I was able to add to those used during my PGCE year. In addition these sessions offer a great opportunity to catch up with fellow NQTs, share your problems and come up with solutions to try! The whole NQT year is overseen by the NQT co-ordinator, who is wonderfully supportive and provides yet another person to suggest ideas and techniques to help you out.

Overall the Cardinal Wiseman NQT programme has been a thoroughly rewarding experience that has helped me grow as a teacher and a person, I cannot recommend it enough to other PGCEs looking for their first school.

Mr Cunningham