Year 10 Science

Year 10 Science Students will have Science Assessments week commencing 5th October.


  • Biology and Chemistry – Monday 5th October (A half in period 4, B half in period 5)
  • Physics – Tuesday 6th October (A half in period 5, B half in period 2)

It is essential that your child attempts these tests with the aim of achieving the best possible results they can. 

This test will be one contributing factor in set changes, and the selection of students for the separate science course

Topic foci


  • B1 – Cell Level Systems
  • B2 – Scaling Up


  • C1 – Particles
  • C2.2 – Bonding
  • C2.3 – Properties of materials


  • P1.1 – Matter
  • P2.1.1-P2.1.3 – Motion
  • P3.1 -  Static and Charge
  • P4.1 - Wave behaviour
  • P4.2 - Electromagnetic spectrum

Revision resources can be found on Frog which include past paper questions, board works quizzes and mindmaps.  Students also have access to the online textbook and further practice questions at  

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me on 0208 575 8222 (Ext 442)

Ms Ul-Haq

Second in Science/Key Stage 4 Manager