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  • Pupils' behaviour is outstanding. They have exceptional attitudes to learning and their conduct around the school is exemplary.

  • Support for pupils' personal development and welfare is outstanding. The ethos of the school, the 'Wiseman spirit' helps all pupils feel included, valued and safe

  • Parents and carers are highly supportive of the school's leadership. They greatly value the way leaders and staff make such a positive difference to their child's experience in school.

Student Absence

Reporting an absence for your child from the 17th of April 2023

As of the 17th of April 2023, the Absence telephone line will cease to be a method to report daily absences for pupils within Years 7-11.

To report a pupil absence from the 17th of April 2023:  Ensure you report pupil absences by emailing:

The Absence telephone will no longer be in use.