Year 9 Science

There will be an important Progress Test for Science in their lesson on Friday 16th October 2020

The topics covered will be:

  • Cell Structures (B1.1)
  • What happens in cells (B1.2)
  • Health and lifestyle (year 8 topic)
  • Metals and Acid (year 8 topic)
  • Electricity and magnetism (year 8 topic)


These topics are part of the OCR Gateway GCSE Science course and activate 2 course that students studied last year.

Please note that all pupils have access to ‘FROG’ and ‘Kerboodle’ (containing the online textbook for the GCSE course), which I would strongly encourage them to utilise:

Access FROG via the VLE link on the Cardinal Wiseman school homepage.

The Science department GCSE folder on FROG has boardworks presentations and test-style revision questions with answers for each topic.

To access it click on FROG drive link at top of screen; click documents; click Frog resources (U) enter login details then find Science folder and GCSE.

username : (Example)  jbloggs (initial then last name; lowercase; no hyphens)

password : same as username when logged on for first time, then change password

institution : hgu0

Also BBC Bitesize GCSE has interactive activities and tests for Science:

This test will be an important indication to the Science Department of progress and needs to be attempted with maximum effort. This test will be one contributing factor in set changes, and the selection of students for the separate science course

If you have any queries please contact me on 0208 575 8222 (Ext 437)

Mrs Z Khan

Science Key Stage 3 Manager