Year 11 Science

The Year 11 Pre-Public Exams in Science will take place week during the commencing 30th November.

Students in sets 1-4 have been given a Science revision workbook they can use and keep, which has a timetable they should be following as a minimum guideline for revision. Students in set 5 use these workbooks for revision in class. Students have also been given exam question packs to practice and mark; answers for these packs are available on FROG.

Students will be entered for the tier they have been sitting in the September progress tests, however some students who trialled a foundation paper in September have been selected to trial a higher tier paper. Those students will be given a letter detailing this.

It is essential that your child attempts these exams with the aim of achieving the best possible results they can as these exams will give the pupils the indication of how their summer public exams will be received.

Topics that will be tested

  • Biology Separate and Biology Combined: B4 Community Level Systems, B5 Genes, Inheritance and Selection, B6 Global Challenges
  • Chemistry Separate and Chemistry Combined: C4 Predicting and Identifying Reactions and Products, C5 Monitoring and Controlling Chemical Reactions, C6 Global Challenges
  • Physics Separate: P3 Electricity, P4 Magnetism, P5 Waves in Matter, P6 Radioactivity, P7 Energy
  • Physics Combined: P3 Electricity and Magnetism, P4 Waves and Radioactivity, P5 Energy

Revision resources can be found on Frog which include past paper questions, board works quizzes and mindmaps. Students also have access to the online textbook and further practice questions at

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me on 0208 575 8222 (Ext 442)

Ms Ul-Haq

Second in Science/Key Stage 4 Manager