Year 9 Science Progress Test

The Year 9 Progress Test for Science will take place in the week commencing 7th February 2022, covering the following topics:

  • Cell Structures (B1.1)
  • What happens in cells (B1.2)
  • Particle Model (C1.1)
  • Atomic Structure (C1.2)
  • Respiration (B1.3)
  • Simple circuits (P3.2)
  • Motion (P2.1)

Each class will be informed of the specific time and day of their exam, closer to the time.

These topics are part of the OCR Gateway GCSE Science course.

Please note that all pupils have access to ‘SHAREPOINT’ and ‘Kerboodle’ (containing the online textbook for the GCSE course), which I would strongly encourage them to utilise:

Access SHAREPOINT via the VLE link on the Cardinal Wiseman school homepage

The Science department GCSE folder on SHAREPOINT has boardworks presentations and test-style revision questions with answers for each topic.

BBC Bitesize GCSE has interactive activities and tests for Science:

This test will be an important indication to the Science Department of student progress.