Year 8 Science Exam Week - 28th February

Dear Parent / Carer,

This is to inform you that your son/daughter will have an important Science test during the Year 8 exam week. They will be tested on the week of 28th February 2022 during their Science lesson on:

  • Adaptation & Inheritance
  • The Earth
  • Separation techniques
  • Energy

The tests will take place in the following periods:

8asc1- Friday 4th March period 3                 8bsc1- Friday 4th March period 5       

8asc2- Friday 4th March period 1                 8bsc2- Friday 4th March period 4          

8asc3- Friday 4th March period 5                8bsc3- Monday 7th March period 4  

8asc4- Friday 4th March period 3                8bsc4- Thursday 3rd  March  period 4

8asc5- Friday 4th March period 1                8bsc5- Friday 4th March period 5      

8asc6- Friday 4th March period 1                8bsc6- Thursday 3rd  March  period 4

Please remember that all pupils have access to ‘SHAREPOINT’ and ‘Kerboodle’, which I would strongly encourage them to utilise:

Access SHAREPOINT via the VLE link on the Cardinal Wiseman school homepage

The Science department KS3 folder on SHAREPOINT has boardworks presentations and test-style revision questions with answers for each topic.

username : same as school username

password : same as username when logged on for first time, then change password

institution : hgu0

These tests will be an important indication to the Science Department of progress and need to be attempted with maximum effort.

If you have any queries please contact me on 0208 575 8222 Ext 437

Mrs Z Khan

Science Key Stage 3 Manager