Mathematics Lecture by Dr Simon Singh

On 9 May, a group of our Year 12 Maths students travelled to the Harrow School for Boys to attend a lecture by Dr Simon Singh, popular maths and science writer and an author of five books. This is what they have written:  

Dr. Singh’s lecture was an honour to experience. Simultaneously, while talking about his books, he reminded us that deep passion can exist for mathematics if you love it enough, not only the stereotypical poetry and art. He also taught us not to believe everything we see as coincidences are more likely than we think and that sometimes we see what we want to see, referring to ‘secret messages’ in books, songs and other media. Overall, a very memorable time and he definitely sold us on buying his books!

It was an absolute pleasure being able to listen to Dr Singh talk about his books. Specifically, I found the parts about Fermat's last theorem and Simpson's quite interesting. My favourite part was definitely getting the opportunity to speak to Dr Singh after the lecture about how he progressed through his career, and it has definitely inspired me to consider studying physics in the future. ~Ross Melo

Great lecture in Harrow School for Boys! It re-lit the spark I have for maths. Hearing Dr. Singh talk about all the maths and science he has written about in his 5 books, reminded me that I absolutely love maths and science. Would definitely recommend others to go and see lectures like this in the future. I had an amazing time and it was a fantastic experience! ~Martin Muqa