Enrichment Twilight Sessions

Weekly Enrichment Twilight sessions at The Cardinal Wiseman 


On 3rd October 2022, we have started our weekly Enrichment Twilight sessions, due to take place every Monday at 3.20 pm and available to all Year 10-11 and Sixth Form students. All sessions are advertised to students through emails and posters in the foyer in the Bethlehem Building. Our first session was on a topic of Law. This is what two of our Year 12 students though about it:

We really enjoyed the talk from Jack Talbot and Prof Susan Edwards, barristers from the Red Lion Chambers, as it was an informative experience. Jack Talbot, who specialises in crime, especially in fraud, explained his role as a prosecutor and defender well. He encouraged us in the idea of becoming a barrister, stating it was better option than being a solicitor but the choice depending on what we are good at. He also highlighted the extreme difference between the number of barristers and solicitors in England and Wales. It was a surprising discovery on learning that there were over 150,000 solicitors and only 17,000 barristers in England and Wales. However, it was reassuring to learn about the diversity in the legal profession and the help new barristers get from their chambers. It was also good to learn from Professor Susan Edwards, dean of the University of Buckingham and expert in Human Rights, about the difference between solicitors and barristers. This point is often mistaken by lots of people, us included. Professor Edwards also spoke on her experience of being an Expert Witness and how a job in the legal system is a fulfilling career.  As a group we also explored the real-life fraud case, where the offender only got 6 years in prison because he pleaded guilty early in the trial. At the end, Mr. Talbot wore his prosecutor gown, including a wig, and talked about why prosecutors wear it not only for tradition but also practicality as it’s easier to identify them in a group. We learnt a lot from the enrichment session including how to be a barrister or solicitor and how to improve on skills that may be required. We are really grateful that Mr Talbot and Prof Edwards were able to find time in their busy working schedules to visit our school.   

Christel Botelho and Emilia Janas

Enrichment Twilight Session #2 – working as an Apprentice

In our second Enrichment Twilight Session on Monday 10th October, we welcomed our ex-student Merkesha Grant, who is currently a Cultural Education Partnership Apprentice working for the Arts and Culture Department at the London Borough of Ealing, while completing a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship. Merkesha was able to share with students from Y10 – 13 her experiences of CW Sixth Form, her different level 2 and Level 3 Apprenticeships in Early Child Care that she completed over the last 4 years, as well as her application process for the current placement. Merkesha is also an artist working on commissions.  She has impressed her current employers, who have nominated her for the Apprentice of the Year award, you can read about it in this article.  https://www.aroundealing.com/jobs/my-story-as-an-apprentice/

Mrs Margaret Sowa 

Enrichment Twilight Session #3 - Nursing


In our third Enrichment Twilight Session on Monday 17th October, again we welcomed ex-Wiseman student Ella MacInnes, who is now a qualified nurse working in a busy hospital A&E department. Students from Year 10 to Year 13 who attended the talk learned about the reality of working for the NHS, as Ella shared her experiences from her years of studying for the Nursing Degree and training across many different departments of hospitals and GP clinics. It was so lovely to see the dedication and passion for the profession. Younger students were definitely inspired by Ella.

Mrs Margaret Sowa

Enrichment Twilight Session #4 – Applying for Apprenticeships

Our 4th Enrichment Twilight Session on Monday 31st October was a very practical workshop for students planning to apply for apprenticeships. The session was run by Annice Abanda from ASK (Apprenticeships Skills & Knowledge), part of the Education Development Trust. As well as listening to a short presentation, all students had a chance to move into the computer room and register for an account on the government run website Apprenticeships.gov.uk. They also started writing a first draft of a cover letter, with a help from Annice, who gave them a simple template and lots of examples of how to make sure they stand out when applying. Students learned that applying for an apprenticeship is applying for a job, so it is different to the UCAS application. The emphasis is all on employability skills. I do hope that this session will help students to be successful in their applications. Annice will return in January to run another workshop on how to prepare for an interview and an assessment day.

Mrs Margaret Sowa