Chemistry Olympiad

Year 12 and 13 Chemistry Students have taken part in The UK Chemistry Olympiad organised by RSC. This was a great opportunity for our students to test their knowledge, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills in real-world situations. Chemistry Olympiad questions are designed to test chemistry knowledge beyond A-level and push students to further excel in the chemistry field. Congratulations to all who took part in the event. 

Abner Rodrigues Silver Award
Christopher Kouj - Bronze Award 
Theresa Lomibao - Bronze Award 
Rhys Warren Yu - Bronze Award
Megan L'Eveille - Bronze Award
Martin Muqa - Bronze Award
Roger Jansan - Bronze Award
Maya Lewandowska - Bronze Award
Irone Cunningham - Commendation 
Oliver Klich - Commendation
Jakub Mejdus - Commendation
Mark Hadad - Commendation
Megan Johnes - Commendation
From Mrs Kielan 
KS5 Chemistry Manager