News from the Science Department

News from the Science Department

In March, the Science Department at Cardinal Wiseman celebrated British Science Week, a ten-day event dedicated to promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. During this week, our department organised various engaging activities at lunchtimes for students to explore and understand different scientific concepts. Here are some highlights from our Science Week:

  • Ms. Kelly led a session on DNA and Fingerprints, providing students with insights into these fascinating fields.
  • Mr. Chlopecki demonstrated the captivating phenomenon of Rainbow Flames (see photo), captivating students with vibrant displays of colours.
  • Mr. Rewt conducted experiments with the Whoosh bottle and thermite reaction, showcasing exciting chemical reactions to spark curiosity amongst students.
  • Students had the opportunity to attend screenings of the "Royal Institution Christmas Lecture" on the Secrets of Forensic Science, hosted by Ms. Martin.
  • Ms. Haider engaged students in exploring the DNA of a strawberry plant and encouraged them to plant seeds providing a hands-on learning experience.
  • Mr. Tycer introduced students to the mesmerising world of Lava Lamps.

All sessions were attended with great enthusiasm, and thank you to the dedicated teachers and technicians who volunteered their time. Miss Fernandes (Senior Science Technician) and Mrs McCarthy (Science Technician) provide invaluable support in facilitating our science practical work throughout the year.

In late April, our Year 10 Separate Science students participated in the "National Scientific Thinking Challenge." This nationwide event involved a data interpretation quiz where students were presented with data, graphs, and text, and were tasked with making deductions, identifying trends, proposing hypotheses, and identifying anomalous results. The challenge originated from a group of friends in six different university Chemistry Departments (Warwick, Southampton, Bristol, Newcastle, Manchester, and Oxford) who created the test in 2021 during the disruptions caused by the pandemic. Their aim was to provide students with a positive and enjoyable opportunity amidst challenging circumstances. Thank you to Miss Daffy for organising this enriching experience for our students.

On May 4th, Ms. Haider accompanied six Year 12 students to the final presentation of the "GreenSTEM Challenge." This prestigious event was organised by Notting Hill and Ealing High School. Our students have been collaborating on projects with students from other Ealing Schools since their initial meeting in January. Their dedication and hard work have been commendable.  The GreenSTEM Challenge reached its pinnacle with a memorable experience for our students. They had the opportunity to visit Imperial College London and explore The Natural History Museum. The highlight of their journey was presenting their research findings in the esteemed Neil Chalmers lecture theatre at the museum. Our students confidently shared their work with an audience comprising their peers and guests. They also faced questions on their research from the audience, simulating a viva-style examination, which provided valuable experience for their future aspirations in STEM-related degrees. We commend our students for their efforts and wish them continued success in their STEM endeavours. Congratulations to Lance who was part of the winning presentation team. Congratulations Chantal, Leslie, Warren, Eben, Salma and Lance for your hard work!

Ms Martin
Curriculum Coordinator for Science