Finance Update

Thanks to your overwhelming support and generosity, the Cardinal Wiseman PTA has raised £24164 to date!

This amount has been raised through the following events:

●          Uniform Sales - £4012

●          Ealing Half Marathon - £13012

●          Christmas Raffle - £7477

(Minus set up expenses - £337)

This is a staggering achievement and our children will really benefit from these funds.  We have already covered the cost of several wish list projects:

●          £1000 - Printer for the Art Department

●          £400 – Year 7 Disco Photo Booth

●          £200 – Year 11 Photo Booth Deposit

●          £840 – Amazon Vouchers Pupil Christmas Raffle (6 x £20 vouchers for each of the seven year groups)

●          £4999 - Potential Youth Monitoring (After school Supervision in Greenford)


Our current balance for future projects is £16725.  We are having discussions with the Cardinal Wiseman Senior Leadership Team to agree on enrichment activities for each year group.  We are also costing the provision of additional counselling sessions.


Upcoming dates:

PTA meeting: Tuesday 20th February 5.30pm-6.30pm, Cardinal Wiseman School

The next PTA event: ‘The Quiz’ on 15th March 2024 at 7pm.  We look forward to seeing lots of you there!