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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Olympic Tickets

Cardinal Wiseman pupils will receive an opportunity to attend the Olympic Games. Read more to see how they will be selected...

The Cardinal Wiseman School received an allocation of Olympic Tickets, 231 of our pupils will receive an opportunity to attend the Olympic Games, with staff of a ratio of at least 10 to 1. In line with IOC allocation guidelines, the following selection criterion will apply.

Student Selection Process:
Ultimately we feel the process should be a whole school event that is exciting, transparent and inclusive. We believe that this would be effectively achieved via a raffle system and each pupil will have their name put into a ‘hat’ of each pupil of each pupil who wishes to be considered
  • We are keen to target certain tickets to certain teams that have represented the school. The football tickets to be offered to U14 Girls Middlesex and Borough Champions. 14 tickets will be given to the team and 12 will go into the hat and any of the 14 not taken up by the team.
  • Basketball tickets to go into a hat to be drawn out from the basketball players receiving 50% of the allocation
  • The same for the volleyball tickets
  • There are 4 As level students who have officiated all Borough Athletic Competitions and acted as our Sport Leaders
  • Heads of Years to have 3 tickets each to give to pupils in their Year Group who would benefit from this positive experience
  • The P.E. department will consult with Year leaders to discuss each student’s suitability to attend the trip as part of the risk assessment. If a pupil is pulled out of the hat requires one-on-one supervision, then an extra member of staff will be required leaving one less pupil place.
  • The P.E. mobile number will given out and a reserve list made up for each event so if someone cannot make it, their place will be given to the next on the list. Parents need to contact the number as soon as possible to ensure that all seats are taken
There are tube tickets allocated to each of the events. In all cases parents are responsible for getting their child to Ealing Broadway Tube Station to meet the staff taking the trip. Parents must either meet them at the tube station at the end of the event or on the reply slip allow them to go home on their own.