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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Year 10 Work Experience

Information for parents regarding Year 10 Work Experience

Dear Parent/ Carer of a Year 10 student
Your son/daughter is about to embark upon a new dimension of education, and one which fulfils the School values and principles of -
"preparing students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experience of adult life."
In order to make the most of work experience I would ask for your co-operation in ensuring your son/ daughter understands fully the responsibility to be carried by EVERYONE over the two weeks, so could you please work through each point with your son/daughter.
All Year 10 students will be seen as ambassadors, not only of Cardinal Wiseman School, but also of themselves and of their parents; it would be most unfortunate if an unthinking or unguarded word or deed spoilt this. There are particular points which need to be stated clearly:
All students must attend for the full number of days arranged (any time off will be deemed to be truancy unless a medical certificate is presented to the School). Work experience is a part of the National Curriculum, and contributes to the coursework in a number of subjects – especially the work related option; it must be seen as part of the normal school process, but in a different "classroom".
In the event of genuine sickness both the workplace and the School must be informed of non-attendance by 9.00 on each day affected.
The School places great importance upon punctuality; this is good training for working life.
All students are expected to be at their placements on time - make sure that a "dummy run" takes place before Monday morning if there are any doubts about location, journey times and so on. Hours of work have also been agreed - these must be kept to. Please note that these are normal office hours - not school hours!
First impressions count! Please encourage sensible, business-like dress and presentation - it is
not a fashion parade. Many students will have been given specific instructions about suitable dress, and where protective clothing is required this normally will be provided by the company.
All organisations have indicated that they do NOT ALLOW the use of mobile phones during working hours!
There can be no excuse for displays of bad manners or behaviour! We often read press reports about the unwillingness of young people to work hard - citing laziness, lack of initiative, refusal to carry out routine tasks, sullenness etc. I am confident that this will not be said of any Cardinal Wiseman student.
Everyone has a Work Experience data book; this must be taken to the work place each day. Please discuss the entries and assignments with your son/ daughter regularly over the two weeks. It would be particularly helpful if you could look over the self - assessment form at the back of the log book. (There is a space for you to comment too!) The Work Experience booklet is designed to maximise the learning experience enjoyed by them, so please make sure that this is completed as soon as possible after the event, ready for the DE BRIEF sessions next term
All students are expected to bring their completed booklets to their first Careers lesson!
There will be some students who take longer than others to settle, and most will be physically
tired; think about your first few weeks at work!
Please encourage your son/ daughter to be positive and persevere with the placement; it is not good training for a young person to be allowed to "opt out" and avoid the realities of the work place.
It is far better for us all to offer support and guidance so that the youngsters learn the importance of discussing their concerns.
If you feel that there are difficulties arising, please make sure that your son/ daughter goes to the work place - and talks to the nominated supervisor; in addition, Mrs McDonnell, or Mr.Sama, should be contacted at the School and they will take steps to resolve matters in the workplace.
Your son/daughter will complete a self evaluation of the experience, and will discuss this with the employer. The employer will then write a final report, which could be used as the basis for any future reference, as well as providing evidence for Work Related Learning coursework in many GCSE and BTEC subjects.
It is worth re-stating that the aim of the programme is to provide an opportunity to sample the world of work - with all of its ups and downs; it is not an exercise in training for a particular job or career.
Could I thank you, and your son/ daughter, for reading and completing all parts of the work experience agreement and returning it. Please note that the Medical Declaration is a legal requirement and the information will be shared with the employer.
If the agreement has not yet been returned to the School please ensure that it is sent as soon as possible, as no student can be allowed on placement until all details have been processed.
As in “real life”, some students may face disappointments; a very few employers do cancel at the last minute for all kinds of reasons. We will do our best to place students elsewhere should this happen.
Word of caution: please advise your son/daughter NOT to post comments or photographs about any aspect of the work placement on social network sites!
Finally, I would ask for everyone to plan out an alternate route to and from work. We live in an age where public transport, and – sadly – security alerts, can cause all kinds of disruptions at any time.
It is sensible, and re-assuring, for you to know that your son/daughter can find their way safely whatever happens – and for you to know where they are!
I thank you for your continued support and co-operation, and wish you and your son/daughter an enjoyable, rewarding and memorable work experience.
Please contact me if there are any points of clarification required.
PSHE, Careers & Work Experience Manager
Telephone: 0208 833 2062 (Work Exp. direct line)