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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

12th December

 There are 13 days until Christmas.


Letter from Egypt
by Moira Andrew

Dear Miriam

            Just a line to let you know how things are with us & of course to thank you (& your good man)for all you did for us & at your busiest time too what with the census & everything. I was quite exhausted & the baby was beginning to make himself felt. If it hadn't been for your help that night my baby might have died.

            Good of you to put up with all our visitors - who'd have thought, six scruffy shepherds up & leaving their sheep like that? & didn't they ever smell? Still they were goodhearted & they meant well. I hope they brought some extra trade to the inn. They looked in need of a hot drink & a meal.

            & what about those Kings. Miriam? Kneeling there in their rich robes & all? & me in nothing but my old blue dress! Joseph said not to worry, it was Jesus they'd come to see. Real gentlemen they were. But what funny things to give a baby - gold & myrrh & frankincense. That's men all over! It wouldn't cross their minds to bring a shawl!

            Sorry we left so suddenly. No time for good-byes with King Herod on the warpath! We had to take the long way home & I'm so tired at looking at sand! Joseph has picked up a few jobs mending this & that so we're managing quite well. Jesus grows bonnier every day and thrives on this way of life, but I can't wait to see Nazareth again.

Love to all at the inn,