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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

9th December

 There are 16 days until Christmas.


George Friedrich Handel

by Gordon Snell


The eighteenth-century musicians

Wrote most majestic compositions,

but none of them could hold a candle

To that flamboyant Mister Handel

Though German born, young Handel came

To England's court to make his name.

There, in the King's esteem he grew -

But then the King was German too.


He dashed off operas by the score,

And oratorios galore.

(The latter were the most prestigious

Because their themes were so religious).

Though middle-brows may well admire works

Like Music for the Royal Fireworks,

Or say the Water Music Suite

Has got a most delightful beat,

The high-brows claim to have a ball

Listening to Samson or to Saul.


But Handel's great Messiah score

Has got a lot to answer for.

Each year, our local choirs implore us

To hear the Hallelujah Chorus,

And raucously their voices raise

To tell us Sheep May Safely Graze.

Oh, for a Christmas time embargo

On everything but Handel's Largo!