Activity Week

Towards the end of each year our Key Stage 3 students get to enjoy a week packed with enrichment activities and opportunities.

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What does everyone do?

Year 7s explore new ground and unearth hidden talents with a wide range of activities, encompassing creativity, spirituality, physicality and a lot of fun! They go dragon boat racing, learn to dance, solve some fiendish puzzles, have a day of spiritual reflection and let their hair down at Thorpe Park. More information here

Year 8s have the opportunity to focus on something that really interests them, spending a week getting to grips with one particular passion. Keen footballers can spend the week training in a European city with players from a local professional team and budding linguists can put their skills to the test on trips abroad. Aspiring actors can explore the London creative arts scene, whilst our Mathematical Marvels ventures into the fascinating world of Maths, and future photographers can develop their skills in the darkroom. More information here

Year 9s have a week of adventure at an activity centre. With activities such as caving, fencing, orienteering and a giant zip wire, their week is about overcoming challenges and facing fears, learning about teamwork and communication and experiencing a completely new environment. Those who want to focus on a particular interest could choose one of the other activities described above. More information here

What did people say about Activities Week?

"I faced my fear of kayaking in a deep river" Student

"Students were taken out of their comfort zone and were hugely proud of what they achieved" Staff

"The challenges increased their confidence and self esteem" Parent

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